~Take me home~

Alexandra Blue is going to live with her best friend and his bandmates "one direction" in London for the whole summer to help them with their own fashion line but she doesn't know that it's going to be an adventurous summer yet...


10. Nice evening with a bad ending



~Alex' POV~



Niall and I decided to walk home but Paul, the boys' “babysitter”, followed us with the car, and between him and us was a distance of about 65 feet, so we were safe and nevertheless we were alone. So we walked hand in hand and were just happy. But it didn't really felt different than before Niall asked me to be his girlfriend... It was always as if we've been a couple, but now it was official!
Suddenly Nialls face became very serious. “What?” I asked a bit worried.

“You need to promise me two things.” He said. “Uhm, sure what are these things?” I asked confused. “First, promise me that you wont tell anybody except the boys, your mom, Paul, Lou and maybe the band about our relationship until I say you can.” I just looked at him confused. I mean I knew that the boys always wait until they tell anybody about their girlfriends and when they say anything about them, they're very discreet, but I never really understood that part where they wait to tell someone.
“Ya know princess,” Oh God, I melted when he said princess. “our management actually said we can't even have girlfriends, but we persuaded them to make a deal.. They said we have to wait at least one month until we publish that one of us got a girlfriend.” Niall told me. “And why? If I may ask?” I asked curious. “To be completely sure with the girl. You probably understand that it would be a bit disappointing when we say in an interview something like 'Yeah I got a girlfriend 3 days ago' and one week later we break up.” He said. “Yeah that makes sense.” I said and we both chuckled a bit. But then I stopped walking and asked him :” But I thought you are sure with me...” “Oh god Alex of course I am. I love you so much!”, He said as he also stopped and kissed my forehead. “But the management presents us the choice: either we wait at least one month until we tell the world that we're in love or we can't be in a relationship at all.” He sighed. “I don't know Niall,” I said “I don't like the management” “I know princess, me too,” He winked. “But without them, one direction would have never become that famous” “Yeah you're probably right.” I answered. With that he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we continued walking.






~Nialls POV~




Once we reached the house, we said our goodbye to Paul and went to the flat. We walked in and thought that the boys already slept, but as soon as I closed the door they came out of every corner running over to us. They all spoke mixed up so we couldn't understand one word. “Boys, boys! One by one!” I shouted. And immediately they stopped talking. Louis put his finger in the air like in school. “Yes Louis?”, I chuckled. “Are you and Alex a couple now?” He asked. I just looked at Alex and smiled. “Yes we are.” Alex answered also smiling. Then Harry put his finger in the air. I nodded to him. “Are you going to use the same bedroom now?” He smirked. “First, Harry you're an idiot! And second, no, we wanna take it slow.” I said and Alex nodded in agreement. “Any more questions?” Alex asked. Zayn and Liam both opened their mouths to say something, but Liam let Zayn speak first. “I just wanted to say, welcome in the club bro.” He laughed. Then Liam went over to Alex, hugged her and whispered something like “All the best for you two.” He then came over to me and said very seriously:” Don't you dare to hurt her ok?” I was kind of shocked even a bit scared because he looked almost angry at me, but then he winked and I smiled in relieved.

~Alex' POV~


Niall and I went to our rooms to change into comfortable clothes. Once we were back in the living room we decided to watch a movie. I snuggled up with Niall felt just good. Suddenly in the middle of the film the phone rang. Liam got up picked it up. “Hey mom what's up?” Liam said. “Ah yeah sure she's here, wait I'll get her.. Alex , my mom wants to talk to you.” I was a bit confused but of course I got up and went to the phone. “Hey Karen how are you?” I asked friendly. “Listen Alexandra your mother's in hospital...” Karen started but I interrupted her. “What?! What happened? What about the twins, are they ok?!” I asked worried. “Calm down Darling please, take a deep breath and listen.” She tried to calm me down. I took a very deep breath and it already was better. “So the twins are fine.” And I already interrupted her again. “Oh thank goodness, Oh sorry Karen please go on.” I said. “They came to our house half an hour ago and told me that their mommy's laying in the living room and she wouldn't stand up. So I told Ruth to call the ambulance and look after the kids while I was going to your house to look for your mother. She didn't move and she had everywhere wounds and bruises and a black eye.”

“Oh my goodness! Could you explain what happened?” I asked upset. “I'm sorry but I have no clue. And the twins are completely distraught so I couldn't ask them what happened. I'm very sorry that I gotta tell you that, but I guess you have to come back to Wolverhampton leastways until your mother is better.” Karen told me. “Of course, that's no problem I'm coming as soon as I can!” I said hastily. “See you soon. And thanks for informing me.” I said and hung up the phone without waiting for an answer. I ran to my room grabbed my suitcase and threw some clothes in it. Then Liam and Niall came into my room. “Alex what's going on?” Liam asked. “My mom's in hospital. I have to be there.” I said and I noticed tears running down my cheek, then I just broke down crying. Suddenly I felt how Niall wrapped his arms around me and pressed me against his warm chest. That calmed me a bit down. “I'm coming with you” He whispered softly. “But I thought you have to work.” I said. Looking into his amazing blue eyes. “I guess the boys will survive a few days without me.” He said winking. “Thank you.” I whispered weakly. As answer he just kissed my forehead. We got up packed our bags. And Louis drove us to the Waterloo station in London, where we took the first train to Wolverhampton. I had the possibility to sleep two hours but I was just too upset. So Niall gave his best to stay awake with me, although it was about 2.30 am. Once we arrived in Wolverhampton and took a taxi to my old street. Where we met Karen at the door. She was just about to take off to the hospital so we left our suitcases in her house and accompanied her. When we reached the hospital I ran to the receptionist and almost yelled at her “Dana Blue! Where is she?!” “Please miss calm down I check where you can find her but please stop yelling at me.” Niall wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in a hug. He stroked my head and apologized for me. “It's fine,” the woman said. “She's still in the emergency recording, in room 17.” “And where is that?” Niall asked. “Well you walk through this corridor, turn left then downstairs and then turn right.” She explained. “Thank you very much.” I said and she smiled at me. So we walked the way that the woman has told us and soon we came to large door with the sign saying “Emergency” We walked though it and searched for the room with the number 17. When we found it I knocked first, but when there was no answer I just opened the door, to find my mom laying on a bed completely alone. Niall said he'd get a doctor so he could explain what happened, while Karen and I stayed in the room with my mom. A few minutes later Niall came back with a doctor. “How is my mom?” I asked worried. “She is stable at the moment, but we don't know if she has any internal bleeding yet. It looks as if she was beaten.” “What? But that can't be I couldn't name anybody who'd do that... Or... Karen have you seen any sign of Keith when you came to our house?” I asked suspecting evil. “No.. do you really think he could have done something like that?” She asked surprised. “Well if somebody then him. He's beaten her once when I was about 15, why shouldn't he do it again?” I said. “I'm sorry for interrupting you but I guess we can't do anything until at least 8 o'clock this morning.” The doctor stated. “Y'all should get some rest. Go home and I'll call you myself if we know more.” He told us and looked at friendly at us. “You're probably right,” I agreed. “Thank you very much doctor.” Karen said. So we drove all together to the Payne family's house. Since the Liams old room was occupied by my twin siblings, Niall and I slept in the living room one on each sofa and even though I didn't want to sleep 'cause I wanted to stay awake for my mom I fell asleep quite quickly because I was so tired.





So my wonderfull readers how I promised you a new chapter.
I really really hope you like it. Sooo... Enjoy it!
Oh and a happy neew year everybody!! :D 

I love ya all :) <3

~Sevgi <3

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