~Take me home~

Alexandra Blue is going to live with her best friend and his bandmates "one direction" in London for the whole summer to help them with their own fashion line but she doesn't know that it's going to be an adventurous summer yet...


6. Forgivness and fools


Chapter 6

Alex's POV

I was now almost a week away from the boys and I missed them so much. On Saturday Danielle, Eleanor and I just stayed at home all day. Suddenly the door bell rang and we all wondered who that could be so Danielle rushed to the door and opened it to face her boyfriend Liam and the rest of one direction. “Is Alex here?” Liam asked although he probably knew that I was. Danielle looked quizzically at me, was just sitting at the table my bubble tea in my hand. I nodded my head to show her that I agreed to let them in. All of the boys separated on the couch except of Liam he headed over to me and looked at me begging for forgiveness but his puppy face was definitely not enough this time so I looked at him a bit expecting almost a bit bitchy then he sighed and started: “Alex... I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I've fathered you and I'm sorry that I've treated you like a little child and I am very sorry that I brought up that story with James.. But you know before he... ...died he told me something..
He told me to take care of you and that I will ensure that nobody's going to hurt his baby sister and you know I promised him that no one ever gets to hurt you so I'm sometimes a bit overprotective and I'm very very sorry about that but you know I just love like you're my sister and I don't want you to get hurt or that anything happens to you.” When he said the name 'James' I felt the tears in my eyes again and I could see from the corner of my eyes I could see that Eleanor and Danielle also had watery eyes. I listened attentively to what Liam had to say and after a little while I got up and walked over to him and hugged him tightly. I had forgive him. “I'm so sorry.” He whispered during our hug. “ I know, I'm sorry too.” I whispered back. I noticed that all of the others were watching us and that felt actually quite awkward but I didn't care I had Liam back and I was happy about it. Once we both let each other go and joined the others on the couches. We were discussing what we should do with the rest of the evening. Of course it was Niall who shouted “I'M HUNGRY!” in the room so Eleanor brought the brilliant idea to order a pizza but our mistake was that we let Niall order it and since Liam told us that he would pay it Niall ordered 3 giant family pizzas 2 with everything on it and one without pig especially for Zayn. Well I think he ordered that much because either he was hungrier than the usual or he was still mad at Liam because he made me a) cry my soul out and b) move out.
Oh and Liams face when he saw the bill the courier gave him was just priceless and of course the courier wanted some tip.

We all sat in the huge living room either on the floor on this fluffy carpet I loved so much or on the couch and ate pizza. I almost got sick of how fast Niall ate. I mean everyone knows that he eats as fast as if someone would take his food away but this evening it seemed like he hadn't eaten for two weeks but how I know him was probably the last time he ate something an hour ago.

~Niall's POV~


Finally Liam apologized to Alex and thank god she forgave him but honestly I was still mad at him that was also the reason why I ordered so much food beside I was very hungry. I mean nobody makes my girl cry without paying for it... But wait was she my girl what were between us? She knew that I liked her and she told me that she liked me too and we've kissed but were we together like in a couple?

Once we really finished this load of pizza well ok I ate the most of it but anyway once we finished the pizza we decided to make a pajama party like 10-year-olds. We sat in the living room on the floor in a circle and played board games and Louis told scary stories although Liam was strict against that.
After about 3 board games and something what felt like 100 stories we all were very tired and decided to sleep so Liam went with Danielle to her room Louis skipped with Eleanor in hers and Alex went to the guestroom what was temporarily her little empire but Louis told me that Alex texted him that she missed her own room that I made for her and that actually made me very happy and proud. The rest of us boys so Harry, Zayn and I stayed in the living room and talked a little while about random stuff until Harry fell asleep and Zayn and I decided to prank him so we went used to go to the bathroom where we bumped into Alex. “What are you doing why don't you sleep?” Zayn whispered. “I forgot to brush my teeth. What are you guys doing?” Alex whispered back. “We're about to prank Harry.” I chuckled. “What you guys thought of ?” Alex whispered evilly smiling. “So...” Zayn said and told her our plan. Once he was finished telling her what we were up to, Alex nodded her head in agreement and we sneaked into the bathroom and Alex handed us the utensils for our brilliant prank. Then we crept back to the living room where Harry still slept like a baby. Once we were done with our work and went all snickering and giggling back to sleep. Actually Zayn and I couldn't even sleep neither could Alex I think because we were so excited of what would happen the next day.
But about and hour later my eyelids were so heavy I just closed them and fell asleep together with Zayn.

Yay finaly the happy family is together again! :D <3
Naughty naughty boys and Alex! 
What you guys think they did?
You liked the chapter and the story so far?
Tell me what you think :)

Oh and a massive thank you to all my readers and thanks for all these nice and lovely comments they really mean a lot to me and make me really very happy :')

love you all guys :) <3<3

~Sevgi <3

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