~Take me home~

Alexandra Blue is going to live with her best friend and his bandmates "one direction" in London for the whole summer to help them with their own fashion line but she doesn't know that it's going to be an adventurous summer yet...


4. Alex moves out?


Chapter 4




~Alex' POV~


We both pulled away and smiled.
I felt my heart jumping through my whole body.


“You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that.”
Niall said smiling

“Oh I have! Believe me.” I answered winking.


“Alex I...” He started but he was interrupted by a knock on the door


“Niall?, Alex? Is everything alright in there?” I heard Zayns voice from behind the door.

“Everything's fine” Niall said, just loud enough Zayn could hear it, and smiled at me.


“Uhm Ok”, Zayn said “Alex could you maybe come outta there? I want you to meet someone.”

“I'll be right there” I told Zayn through the door

“I gotta go.” I said to Niall

“I know” He said smiling “It's okay” He winked

So I got up and went into the living room where the three most beautiful girls stood I've ever met, one of them I already knew, Danielle Peazer, of course she's my best friend's girlfriend they visited me sometimes when they were at Liam's parent's house.


But of course I knew who the two other girls were there were really Eleanor Calder and my one of my biggest idols EVER Perrie Edwards.

'Ok Alex no fangirling now you already met one direction so..' my tried to tell me but too late I already screamed like a little girl because I was with my idol in one room.

Once I calmed down and Louis and Zayn could officially introduce

me to their girlfriends.

“Girls this is Alex Blue” Louis said pointing on me.

First of them hugging me was Danielle, I really liked her she made Liam happy and that made me happy and she is really a lovely girl and so nice.


The next was Eleanor and believe me she is really so beautiful like on all these pictures when not even prettier and she is really the funniest girl I've ever met. “It's very nice to finally meet you I heard so much about you from Liam and Danielle. We'll have so much fun together.” she said smiling.


And last but not least the one and only Perrie Edwards.

She hugged me and then said:” It's really a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is on my side I'm a huge fan of yours and Little Mix!”

I said. While the inside-me is still fangirling.

“Yeah I already thought that.” She said winking.


In the interim Niall came out of his room as well.
“Niall now that you've finally decided to join us having a life out side of our own 4 walls we can go to the recording studio for our new album.” Liam said.

It seems like he's angry and I don't know why but he's immediately more quiet when Danielle wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.


So they went to the recording studio and left me with the girls alone.

“Well... Alex what do you want to do?” Eleanor asked as soon as the boys were out of the flat.

“What about shopping?” I asked with a face shining like the sun.
“...Oh wait I already went shopping yesterday” I remembered.

“So what? You can never have enough clothes” She said winking.

“I really like your attitude” I laughed.


So we went shopping and we had a great day and we had so much fun. AND Perrie promised me that I could meet Little mix one day!
I really loved my life at this moment.

I had a wonderful time in London so far this summer was going to be perfect. I had great friends, I lived with one direction the best boy band ever in a flat and I kissed my Niall Horan the cutest Irishman ever!



~Niall's POV~



Oh my gosh I had to tell the lads that I kissed Alex or I would have explode. But Liam and Harry were still mad at me because I liked her so I decided to tell it only Louis and Zayn. That was the plan: as soon as Harry and Liam were recording their solos I would tell Louis and Zayn that I kissed Alex.

“Hey lads, I gotta tell you something” I started

“You kissed Alex” They chorused

“How do you know this?” I asked kinda shocked

“Uuh hello? Our girlfriends are with her soo...” Louis chuckled.

“Oh ok?” I said but it came out like a question “So what do you lads think about that?”

“Well we have nothing against you.. and Alex... together... But I doubt that Liam and Harry are delighted.” Zayn said winking.

And at this moment the two of them came out of their cabin and Liam asked “Delighted about what?”

“Alex and Niall have kissed!” Louis shouted like a little boy.

“They did WHAT?!” Harry and Liam yelled.

“Thank you Louis” I mumbled “Yes I kissed her it was in no way her fault” I defended her.

“How could you do that? I told you guys not to fall for Alex and what do you do? You fall for her!” Liam yelled at me.

“Whoa hold on I'm not the only one who fell for her ok!” Now I defended myself and sent Harry an accusing glance.
“Harry is that true?” Liam asked and he sounded like a father once again. “Maybe” Harry mumbled.

“Ok that's it I'll bring her back to Wolverhampton.” Liam said.

“Mate you can't do this she's old enough to decide this” I said

“Anyway why is that so bad if one of us two fall for her?” Harry asked

“I don't want to talk about it okay? Maybe I'll tell you when she's gone.” Liam answered and that was the last thing he said until we got home.




~Eleanor's POV~



Alex, Perrie, Danielle and I had a wonderful day we went in every store in the mall and then to Starbucks.

Once we got back to the boy's flat where they already waited for us.

Liam looked kinda serious and that worried me.


“Alex pack your stuff you're going back to your mom this evening.”

He said.

“What? No!” Alex yelled “Why the hell should I ?”

“Because You and Niall have kissed!”

“So what?” Alex asked angrily

“I have forbidden you to start something with one of the boys!” Liam shouted

“I'm not a baby anymore you don't have the right to watch every step I do and certainly not to forbid me anything!” She cried
“But I promised James to take care of you before he's gone!” Liam

I don't know who this James kid is but I guess he was very important for Alex and Liam because as soon as Liam ended his sentence, Alex broke completely into tears.

I immediately wrapped my arms about the broken girl on the floor together with Perrie and Danielle.

“Come on lovely you can sleep at Danielle and my place for a few nights and then we will see how we go on.” I whispered

She nodded and went without even someone to look into the face out of the flat.

Danielle, Perrie and I said our goodbyes and I hugged Niall who looked quite sad and told him that everything's going to be fine.

Then we followed Alex down the stairs and in front of the complexion we said goodbye to Perrie who called a taxi for the way to her and little mix' house.

We got in the car an drove to mine and Danielle's flat where we made a girlnight to change Alex' mind.


Oh my gosh so that was chapter 4!
Like it? I hope so ;) 
sorry that I waited so long to upload it 
Tell me what you think about the story 
Will Alex really go back to her family ?
What will happen between her and Niall?
And Who is James?

Wait for the next chapter and find it out ;) 

Love you a lots

~Sevgi x

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