Neverland Falls

My entry for the poetry competition. Likes/ favourites are welcomed, more over constructive criticism. Sorry this is late. Hope you like :)


1. Neverland Falls

Once upon a borrowed night, stained with stolen stars,

The small girl sits between her sheets as the sky chars

Her window ever open, to capture that cold night  

Waiting, waiting, for the second star to the right.   


The lonely moonlight cascades down nursery walls,

Now slumped between cold bed-sheets, her Neverland falls. 

The small girl must sleep now, yet her hopes do not die,

Waiting, waiting, for the forever-boy who can fly.


A never-year passes, the girl keeps un-broken,

Each clotted night and her window stays open.

But her heart is numb with fatigue, her wishes mould,

Waiting, just waiting; but waiting goes cold. 


And far from nursery walls the woman now sleeps,

She forgets her forever-boy and her cold bed-sheets. 

Years line her face, from watching by windows. 

Waiting, always waiting, for her Neverland shadows





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