You know that feeling, when you wake up somewhere, and you don't know the place? It feels foreign, unpleasant, strange. And then, suddently, you remember.
I know that feeling too. A little too well, to be honest.
But this time, I never remembered. This time, it never really got to me.
This time.. I was lost.


1. Welcome to my world.

I felt numb. So numb. I knew that I ran as fast as I could. I knew the moon tried to comfort me with a little  light. I knew it rained unusual much, and I knew that I was scared. Really scared.

But who could I trust?

I was in a forrest. It was night, and it was dark, but the animals seemed to enjoy it. Maybe I would enjoy it too, if I wasn't scared. I sat down and took me to the head. Everything was blank. Everything, before I woke up..


I opened my eyes, slowly. I looked around, but found myself being dizzy. I sat up and looked around. I was alone. In the dark. I couldn't remember anything, not even my name.
"Hello?!" No answer. No answer! It looked a lot like a hospital, except the fact, that everything was black. Black walls, black beds, black clothes, black everything. Or at least in this room.
"Heeellooooooh?" I turned around, too fast, and almost fainted. What was that?! It came from the corridor. I looked outside the room, and saw nothing but darkness. Where is the bloody light?! I thought, but became interrupted by another "Heeelllooooh?" This time, closer and louder, but at the same time, more daunting. Suddently, something scratched, and without thinking, I ran. I just had to get out. I had to find someone. I had to wake up from this nightmare.


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