Just a story I wrote based on the song perfect by pink. It is the clean version ;)
I promise I do not always write depressing things :/
Just a lot!


1. Perfect

I sit in my bed, its late and I can feel my husband laying beside me. The room is dark and the bed feels soft, yet for some reason I can not sleep. 

My gaze wonders around the room, searching for something to occupy my min and to drift off to. It falls on an old teddy bear sitting not too far away from my bed. Me and the teddy have quite a history between us. 

It reminds me of the past, things gone. 

I made a wrong turn... once or twice... Bad decisions, but that's alright. Welcome to my silly life...


A young girl is all by herself as she plays with a teddy, a boy comes towards her and snatches the teddy from the table where they sit together. He holds it aloft in the air, teasing her hands which make gestures trying futilely to reach it. But she is small and can not quite reach it as he dangles it in mid air. He throws it away on the floor, bored with merely holding it out of reach. 

A nearby teacher saw none of this, as she turns she sees only a young girl wrestling another child to the floor. He wriggles around on the gravel, trying to get free from the grasp. Pulling the girl off the poor boy, the teacher chastises the girl harshly. The finger is pointed as she speaks to her. 

The young girls head droops, nobody considers what fault the boy might have had. Her lopsided pigtails become messed as she grasps her necklace. Which is a beaded, probably handmade.


A slightly older girl watches a party from the window in her room. The children at the party seem so happy, they run and jump on the large pink bouncy castle as she watches them carefully. Her hair is tousled and looks like a nightmare to brush. A boy and girl sat in front of the bouncy castle suddenly look up at her in the window. Ducking down the girl sits below her window, now out of sight. Why is she not invited to the party? Her hair is a mess, her face is smeared with dirt and her eyes have that look that suggest this is not the first time. She looks in the mirror at herself, trying to see what the others do. A small grubby hand pushes the hair out of her face as she tries really hard to think and see...


A teenage girl is dressed and ready to go, her mum walks into the room and sees the clothing she has picked for herself. Th expression on her face shows the dislike of it all. She opens the closet and thrusts what she deems suitable at the girl, who tries to explain how this makes her feel...

Why cant her mother accept her daughters style is unique and different?

An argument ensues and of course the mother eventually wins.

Now dressed in simple jeans and top, she is dragged out the front door. 

now the same girl sits in a classroom. Having just seen her exam results she sees she has achieved an . Nobody questions why, or how she did... They talk among themselves and no comment was made by the teacher. The girl wonders if everybody expected her to fail in the first place, it would explain their indifference. Purely to make herself feel better about the whole thing, she turns the F into a funny face. No doubt the graffiti will attract the attention her fail did not receive.

As the other girls laugh and joke in the changing room, the girl sits in the toilet. Graffiti is what she is doing right now. How do they remain skinny all the time? She wonders as she watches them from a crack in the door.

Maybe she is the one who is weird, she goes to the store. The girls from earlier are there, trying on clothes in the smaller sizes. Comparing their new and expensive outfits. One wears a beautiful blue dress. It fits her perfectly, outlining her amazing figure and drawing attention to her curves. Wanting to feel beautiful as well, the girl snags a dress from one of the racks. Walking into the bathroom, she stuffs it into her bag she brought with her. As soon as she comes out though, a sales person notices and stops her.

He sees only a thief, those disgusting teenagers who trash society. Stealing all the time for their own selfish desires...

One of the girls trying on the clothes in front of the mirror spots her being led forcefully out, nudging her friends she pulls out a camera phone to film the thing. An excellent addition to her Facebook page!

Now a young adult, the girl is no longer a girl. As shew weighs herself before having a bath one night. She does not see the protruding ribs and just how thin she actually is, she sees a few more pounds could be lost. If she quits now she will always be fat!

The word 'PERFECT' gleams in red on her arm, it stings a little but...

No sound but the dripping of a tap as it leaks its water. 

She is done looking for the critics because their everywhere, they don't like her dreams and they don't get her hair...

Its as she lies there in the warm water the washes over the word 'PERFECT' her eyes find the teddy. It lies in a rack, next to magazines. 

It reminds her of the past. The innocence of childhood. 

Standing up, she takes kitchen scissors and cuts her long scraggly hair. it is now brutally short. As if realizing what she has done, she sobs into her hands... What has she done to her hair?

In a painting room she concentrates hard and begins to paint. The work she does is her emotion, the past. Hopes, dreams, life... It is basically her life in paint. All the confusion and paint felt during it, now turned into amazing works of art.

It is now on display in galleries, she is revered for her work. 

One night, whilst wearing a beautiful dress she bought with her money and is her own style, she notices a man looking at her. They smile at each other, a new tale begins....



The memories bring me back to the present, my husbands arm snakes back around me, he looks down at me. Checking im alright, he knows that look on my face. He had seen it before in the gallery of my work where we met...

Before I slip off to sleep I realize what I must do.

I get up and pad across the landing to my daughters room. Her hair fans out around her as she sleeps. I wonder what dreams fill her head at night, I sit down beside her and watch her for a moment. Then I tuck the teddy in beside her. 

Her childhood, adolescence and life in general... Will be better than mine. Im determined of that.

I prepare to head back to my own room. Just before I leave, I stroke the word on my arm and  whisper the words...

"You are perfect to me!" 



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