Fitting In

Grace is one of the ´popular´ kids but when she falls for a cute, intelligent but UN-popular guy named Luke, she opens her eyes and finally realizes just how mean her friends can be. And when Grace tries to break away and be her own person, she feel the full force of a popular girls wrath.


14. Yes


For a moment I thought that would be enough for him to be able to leave me alone for the rest of the day and be all 'oh, Grace, yeah. She's fine' but no.

      "Grace, you know that's not what I meant." shit.

"Really, Lucas I'm fine." I said, unconvincingly, but apparently he buys it.

     "Ok babe." Note to self, join the drama club. 

"So um, Lucas." I paused " About this date?" My face was hot, dammit I must have looked like a tomato. 

     "I'll Pick You up at 7 pm tomorrow. I won't tell you were we are going, its a surprise." He lent down, kissed my cheek and walked out of the room. I decided never to wash my cheek again. Corny, I know.

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