Fitting In

Grace is one of the ´popular´ kids but when she falls for a cute, intelligent but UN-popular guy named Luke, she opens her eyes and finally realizes just how mean her friends can be. And when Grace tries to break away and be her own person, she feel the full force of a popular girls wrath.


18. The Kiss


The date went absolutely perfectly.... apart from the fact that I just didn't enjoy myself. I mean yeah the food was great, Lucas was really nice to talk to, but I just kept finding my eyes drawn to the window over and over again. And it wasn't for the reason that you would think.


Yes, the view was totally amazing, overlooking a crystal blue sea, but the thing that I kept looking at was a picnic blanket, and the food lying on the picnic basket. Most importantly, the two people on the picnic blanket. One of them in particular, the boy..... It was Luke.


Luke, what the hell was he doing there. This was MY date with Lucas, of all the places he could have gone, he chose to go right there in the middle of my view. I couldn't see much because we were quite far away but I could see enough to know that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. They were laughing and even feeding each other finger sandwiches and chocolate strawberries. 

In the pit of my stomach I could feel the jealously writhing up inside of me. I tried to beat it down but then that guilty feeling came back again. I should be able to focus on Lucas! I am here with this amazing and gorgeous guy, and all I can think about is some other guy who hasn't even paid me the slightest attention since that time by the tree!

After a while I managed to focus on what Lucas was saying but when the main course arrived the conversation lapsed and I found myself drawn to the window again. Thats when I saw it. Luke leaned in suddenly and kissed 'her'. They both broke into fits of laughter, which was silent to me. It was like I was watching an old comedy with no sound, I blinked hard to keep the tears at bay. 

"Uh, excuse me Lucas, I need to go to the bathroom for a sec.."

"Ok Sure." 

He was wolfing down his steak and didn't even notice my distress, and even if he had noticed, he was facing the opposite direction to the window I saw Luke out of and wouldn't know the cause.

All I knew is that I needed to get out of there and I wanted to go home.

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