Fitting In

Grace is one of the ´popular´ kids but when she falls for a cute, intelligent but UN-popular guy named Luke, she opens her eyes and finally realizes just how mean her friends can be. And when Grace tries to break away and be her own person, she feel the full force of a popular girls wrath.


15. Sorry God.


"You Said yes!" Angella practically squealed with excitement. 

"Well, I could hardly say no!" I replied "He was, like, cupping my face and staring into my eyes and all that romantic stuff." Angella squealed again, and this time, Hannah and Gwin did too. 

"Oh! We are soooooo coming to your house tomorrow to help you get ready!" Hannah squeaked, she could barely contain her excitement.

"Yeah! We have to help our widdle bwaby Gwacie out on her widdle spwecial day!" Angella said in a silly baby voice. 

"See ya tomorrow" They all said, and walked off. As I was getting into my car I caught a glimpse of Dylan and Luke sitting on a bench together, Luke's eyes were red and puffy as if he had been crying. I could just make out what Dylan was saying by in-expertly mouth reading . Don't worry man. Its just one date, its not like their together. Its not to late to ask her out yourself, you still have a chance. Oh. My. Gosh. No, wait. This calls for an oh my god! ... sorry god. 



Hey guys sorry I haven't written in ages but I recently moved to CHINNNAAAAA. 

Soz for the short paragraph, its more of a filler.

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