Fitting In

Grace is one of the ´popular´ kids but when she falls for a cute, intelligent but UN-popular guy named Luke, she opens her eyes and finally realizes just how mean her friends can be. And when Grace tries to break away and be her own person, she feel the full force of a popular girls wrath.


5. Lets Go Shopping! -- edited --


The next day, I drove round to Angella’s house, since, although we could all drive I was the only one who owned a car, I was very proud of it, it was a blood red Ford Mustang, three years old and no scratches, it was my baby. Hannah lived just outside the mall and Gwinn had slept over at Angella`s house so were good.

As I pulled up I figured that I had better `play the part` of a mean girl, so instead of going to the door I just toot the horn really loud beep beep beeeeeeeep! Almost at one, Angella opened the front door and struck a pose, one hand on her hip.

"HEY GRACIE!" she shouted over to me. As she ran started to run down the long gravel path, Gwinn appeared in the doorway and started running after Angella. The two girls were running as fast as their high heeled shoes would allow, Angella reached the car a few seconds before Gwinn and practically jumped into the front seat, leaving the back free for Gwinn.

"OMG" said Angella "I freakin` LOVE your car!"

"Yeah" agreed Gwinn "I just LOVE multangs!"

"Uh, Gwinn, Its mustangs, emphasis on the MUST." Replied Angella, in disgust. "So, Gracie, how long will it take for us to reach the mall?" Asked Angella

"On the main road and with the roof down and with the music as loud as it will go? About ten minutes" I reply.

"You`re Soooo cool, Gracie." said Angella, cranking the stereo up "WoooHooo!"

"WE ARE AWSOME, LETS GO SHOPPING" Yell Angella and Gwinn, they start singing along to the radio and I tap my fingers over the steering wheel in time to the beat.


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