Fitting In

Grace is one of the ´popular´ kids but when she falls for a cute, intelligent but UN-popular guy named Luke, she opens her eyes and finally realizes just how mean her friends can be. And when Grace tries to break away and be her own person, she feel the full force of a popular girls wrath.


3. Are you KIDDING me? -- edited --




"Are you KIDDING me?" Trace asked me in English class, which is the class after lunch break.

"NO! I´m not!"

"So your telling me that you actually SPOKE to ANGELLA?!!??"

"YES!" I said, "I spoke to Angella. So WHAT?"

"So WHAT?" Trace repeated my words with absolute surprise and disgust "FIRSTLY, she is the head of ‘THE BARBIE DOLLS’ and SECONDLY she IS THE MEANEST GIRL YOU WILL EVER MEET!!!!!" Trace was not calming down; she was getting more and more worked up with every word!

At that moment, Angella herself came over to our table!

" Hey, Grace." she said, invitingly.

"Uh, Hi Angella" Trace muttered. It was only just loud enough for Angella to hear.

"Uh, Tracy, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Grace. Look Grace you don´t want to sit with these losers, come on over and sit with us." Angella said.

"Uh… Well I…" I mutter, "What don't you want to?"

"Yes, I want to. I´m coming." I say. As I walk away I mouth an I´m sorry at Trace, but she won´t even look at me. 

At the `Popular´ Table is Angella, Hannah, Gwinn, Adam, Lucas and now me. I have yet to have my first kiss so seeing Angella and Adam sucking at each other’s faces was pretty gross, but I tried to ignore that and just concentrate on the honour I had been given by being allowed to sit at their table. What’s more, it was only my 8th day at this high school. 

"So, Grace." Angella said when she had stopped snoging Adam "We know how hard it can be to get accepted at a new school, so why don’t you hang out with us and we can show you the do`s and don’ts of this school"

"Sure, I`d love to." I said, only to regret it afterwards, realizing what Trace would say when she found out what I had agreed to.

"Great!" said Angella "Oh, by the way, we are going shopping tomorrow. You’re welcome to join us." 

At that moment, class ended. I realize that it would be school suicide not to go shopping with Angella and her friends. However, Trace and me were going shopping together tomorrow. At the Lockers, I go up Trace and say what must be said....    

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