My One Love

Sam moved away from Doncaster just before her 15th birthday leaving all her friends behind. Especially the love of her life Louis who never knew how she felt. She struggled to fit in at her new school! Oh boy did her life change when 2 years later the boy she was in love with went on x-factor then turned up on her doorstep! Was she still in love with him or fall for another member of the band?


4. Why did i do that?

I couldn't believe my eyes Louis was stood just inches away from me, he still looked as gorgeous a he did back then. Without thinking i slammed the door shut in his face and cried badly. Why did he come looking for me after all this time? He could have anybody he wanted now so why me?

About 10 minutes later, i looked out if my bedroom window but he was nowhere to be seen. I went downtairs and noticed a piece of paper on the floor. It read 'i know it must be a shock to see me again, i haven't moved on, i still love you Sam. If you feel like talking call me on 07892781901, i'm staying in a hotel till tomorrow if you want to meet up. Louis x'


I couldn't believe she shut the door, don't blame her though. I couldn't leave it like this and found a piece of paper in the car and wrote her a note with my number. I checked into a hotel and waited near my phone hoping for a text or call. About an hour later i decided to get a shower. *RING* *RING* I dived out of the shower and answered it "Hi you called" "Hey bro, what you on about" he replied "oh nevermind! I can't talk long i'm expecting a call" Harry could hear the dissapointment in his voice and just said "ok bud, i'll call you later. I take it, it didn't go how you wanted it too. Good luck lad!" After the call i was laid on the bed and drifted off to sleep. I woke in the morning to 2 texts one off my mum and another off an unknown number. i read the one from my mum 'where did you rush off too' and then the one from the unknown number 'Hey, sorry i slammed the door i was just shocked. I never thought i would see you again. Just one question. Why me? You could have anyone you wanted right now. Sam x' I couldn't believe she text me, i quickly text my mum 'unfinished business' and replied to Sam.


I couldn't believe i text him back, now he has my number. He's probably gone back home now anyway. All of a sudden my phone beeped. It was him. 'I don't want anybody else. I love you, i always have, i can't imagine my life without you. Meet me today and we can talk. I relplied back instantly 'i'm not sure, i'm scared you'll hurt me again.' I started getting ready for the day with my new 2 best friends.


I wonder what she meant by hurt her again.Did she have feeling for me? Only one way to find out. I got dressed and went to her house. Her mum answered the door and looked shocked "what you doing here?" She said quietly. " I'm looking for Sam" i quickly responded. "She's not here, she's at Staci's. Give me a minute and i'll take you down." When we got to her house her mum carried on walking so left me there on my own. I knocked but got a welcome i wasn't expecting. Her friend kissed me!

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