My One Love

Sam moved away from Doncaster just before her 15th birthday leaving all her friends behind. Especially the love of her life Louis who never knew how she felt. She struggled to fit in at her new school! Oh boy did her life change when 2 years later the boy she was in love with went on x-factor then turned up on her doorstep! Was she still in love with him or fall for another member of the band?


5. What's going on?


I heard a knock on the door and was expecting Jase to be there so when i opened the door i flung myself into his arms and kissed him, only to realise that it was actually Louis from One Direction. "I'm so so sorry£ i apologised. He answered shyly "Is Sam here?" "Erm yeah" What is going on? I let him in and led him into the room where Sam and Naomi were dancing and singing like retards like normal. Sam immedietly stopped and blushed. I need to know what's going on, she never mentioned that she knew him before.


How did he know where i was. My mother, I'm gonna kill her. Oh well he's here now. "Want a beer?" i asked while holding one up. "Erm yeah please" "and what about your 2 best friends" we all laughed while Louis looked nervous. I took him uptsairs so he could relax a bit and then we could talk. On the way upstairs he stopped "what did you mean by hurt you again" Oh shit! What i wanted to say 'I love you and i thought you would come looking for me before now but i guess you got bored of whoever you was seeing and then remembered me.' What i actually said was "nothing, forget it" he looked upset and said, loud enough for the whole street to hear, "i can't i love you. Why don't you understand that" i mumbled "I love you too" His eyes lit up "what did you say?" He heard very well what i said because he came over, picked me up and kissed  me when i was stood against a wall. Just as it started getting passionate Staci walked through the door "You 2 better not be doing anything dirty in my bedroom.. WOAHHHH ok you can stop now!" She said covering her eyes and laughing like a hyena."You've got a perfectly sexy car outside and there's plenty of fields around.

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