My One Love

Sam moved away from Doncaster just before her 15th birthday leaving all her friends behind. Especially the love of her life Louis who never knew how she felt. She struggled to fit in at her new school! Oh boy did her life change when 2 years later the boy she was in love with went on x-factor then turned up on her doorstep! Was she still in love with him or fall for another member of the band?


2. The morning after the dreadful night!

The next morning my mum had already packed the clothes, the pictures, the furniture was all loaded in the van, all I had to do was have breakfast and get dressed. I had completely forgotten that I hadn’t told Louis that I loved him back. My mum told me that I wasn’t allowed Facebook or twitter because she didn’t want anyone knowing where we were going. Strange I know. Now I had no contact with any of my friends and had to start again in a new village where I didn’t know anybody. This was the worst day of my life. We all set off to Goole and every time I asked my mum why I couldn’t go on Facebook she just kept saying it’s ‘complicated’ and I could set up a new one in my old name so they don’t know it’s me. We arrived at Goole and all the family greeted me warmly but I just wanted to catch the next train back to where I grew up, to where the love of my life was but I had no chance now. I had a new life, it’s almost like I had a new identity. I didn’t know who I was anymore. 


I was looking forward to seeing Sam today. I hope i didn't scare her off telling her i loved her, i've felt like it for ages but something felt different, like something was going to happen. I waited for her outside school but she never turned up, this was strange because she never missed a day. I asked Sophie where she was but she didn't know either and started to get worried. At lunch i went to her house and realised that she was gone. I just stood there and cried. I tried searching for her on Facebook but she must have deactivated it. This all seemed to weird for me so i ran back to school to find Sophie, when i found her i explained what had happened and she said that they must have moved back to Goole where her Mum's family are from. Now i regret leaving it so long to tell her i loved her. I could have known more about her family and where Goole is. I have messed up BIG time. I have to find her. I looked on Google maps and found out Goole is only a small town so i would have no trouble finding her.


After a while he forgot about her but he never moved on and neither did she!

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