My One Love

Sam moved away from Doncaster just before her 15th birthday leaving all her friends behind. Especially the love of her life Louis who never knew how she felt. She struggled to fit in at her new school! Oh boy did her life change when 2 years later the boy she was in love with went on x-factor then turned up on her doorstep! Was she still in love with him or fall for another member of the band?


1. Before the heartbreak!

Hey, hope you all enjoy this story! Part of it is actually true BTW!


Time to get to know me.

My name is Sam, i'm 15 years old and in love with the most gorgeous boy ever. Problem is he doesn't know! I'm 5ft 5" and have a petite body but was lucky to have quite big assets (big headed i know). I live in Doncaster with my mum, dad and brother.


It turned 9am and the school bell rang. Everyone rushed to class and today wasn't the same as the other days. Something was different. We had double Maths and Louis was acting very flirty, not complaining since i was in love with him, but he had never really shown any interest before now. Before we knew it the lesson was over and it was Lunch time. He came and at with me and my friends and then asked if we could talk after school, I agreed and cheekily said that he could walk me home. The day quickly passed after that. I met him outside ready for the walk. Fortunatly, i lived half an hour away from school so we had plenty of time to talk. When we was talking i couldn't help but watch his hair blowing in the breeze, he was asking weird questions like 'do you think your mum and dad would like me' and 'when am i gonna get to see your room.' We reached my front door and i noticed my mum looking out of the window with a big grin on her face. She knew how much i liked him. I looked at him and said "thank you Lou" and went to kiss him on the cheek but he turned his head so it was on his lips. We both blushed and i ran inside.

I ran straight to my room and turned on my laptop to check facebook. I had a notification, it was from Louis it said 'will have to do that again sometime' i quickly commented 'you'll have to catch me first.' After that i recieved a message 'I LOVE YOU SAM! NEVER FORGET THAT!' OMG LOUIS LOVES ME. I was that happy i forgot to tell him i felt the same and ran and shouted in my mums face but as i said it her face dropped. "Mum whats wrong" i said "It's your grandad, he's passed away and we're moving to Goole to be near everybody" she replied. I screamed "NOOOO we can't, me and Lou love each other this won't work, i'm not going." "Yes you are and that's final" i heard my dad as he walked through the door. I ran upstairs and cried myelf to sleep.

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