My One Love

Sam moved away from Doncaster just before her 15th birthday leaving all her friends behind. Especially the love of her life Louis who never knew how she felt. She struggled to fit in at her new school! Oh boy did her life change when 2 years later the boy she was in love with went on x-factor then turned up on her doorstep! Was she still in love with him or fall for another member of the band?


3. 2 Years Later*

2 Years Later* (sorry for the big skip, that bit would be boring hehe)


I have posted on forums to try and form a band to sing with me on the X-Factor but no-one replied to me. Looks like i'll be singing alone. Sam is still on my mind constantly, i have never forgiven myself for not looking for her but after this show i will be with her.


We always get excited for X-Factor in our house. Luckily it will be starting soon. I can't believe it has been 2 years since i have seen Louis, he's probably moved on now. I never expected him to come looking for me because he never knew where Goole was. I was still so madly in love with him. Hopefully fate will bring us back together.


X-Factor had started and Sam and her family had all settled down to watch it. Half way through a familiar face shown up the screen, Sam couldn't believe her eyes.


"O-M-G Mum Louis on TV" i shouted in the kitchen where she'd gone to make a brew. She come rushing back in with her mouth dropped to the floor. I knew he always wanted to sing but i never knew he would go this far.

A couple of months passed and he made it to the final with a boy band One Direction. It may sound horrible to say but he sounded better with a band. I voted for them 3-4 times but unfortunatly it wasn't enough for them to win. I knew they would go far anyways without winning. About a week after the final i just got in from college when i heard a knock on the door. I shouted down "just a minute" when i opened the door i was speechless. How did he find me.


After we came second at X-Factor i knew i had to find Sam. Goole was only tiny so someone will know where she is. When i arrived it felt nice been somewhere where not everyone was running up to the car and screaming. I was just driving down a main road between a school and college when i saw her walking down the road with these 2 girls laughing and playing around. God i miss that. I waited till she got home and shut the door before i knocked. I heard a little voice from inside say 'just a minute'. This is it, she opened the door and stood in silence. 

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