My One Direction Holiday Diary

Chels And Lina Go On A Summer Trip To London, And Little Did They Know They were gonna become best friends wih There favourite boy band



Dear Diary,

Niall Is Going To Be Here Soon. I know exactly how im gonna tell him. I am still sorta nervous. I dont know what he is gonna think of me... WIll he dump me? HOLLY CRAP stop thinking like this just tell him. HOLY Fuck he is here, I gotta go i will tell you everything.






"Hey Baby" Said Niall Leaning In For A Kiss,

Of Corse i did kiss him. I let him in

"Niall I Need To Tell You Something" Thats All I Said He Looked Worried.
"Whats Wrong" Asked Niall Grabbing my hand.

"Niall.. Iv Never Told Anyone This Before But My Step Dad he." I stopped

"he what" Asked Niall sounding more worried

"He Raped And Abused Me And He Has Been Calling Me while I have been here and texting me saying stuff like "Hey Sexy Cant Wait Till You Get Home, I miss our sessions" and i am scared he is gonna do something to me, The stab wound i have its not from a knife slipping, Its from my step dad trying to force me into it." I ended up crying.  

"Oh My God, Baby" Niall grabbed onto me he pulled me into a massive hug and was crying with me 

"How many times babe how many times did he do it to you" He loves me he really does.

"Well i dont know exactly how many but every night after school for 5 years.... My Mum is in on it as well she does things to me as well. She dosent Rape me but she does other things.... Things that start with F things that start with L and other things... They Both Slap me and hit me. My real dad is my only true pearnt. thats why im moving here" He looked at me and smiled

"Your moving her?!!?!??!" Said Niall Sounding Excited

"Yeah, Manly For You But also to get away from that shit" He grabbed onto me and pulled me into a tight hug

all of a sudden i got a text from my step-dad 'Oh My Sexy Girl, I cant belive your moving out, Im gonna miss our everynight sessions, your mum is just thinking about new things we can do in those sessions, she wanted me and you to get more serious, but thats not gonna happen, your leaving, i dont know where to but you are, ill miss you sexy!' 


Niall replied 'Hey Cunt, Back off. What you did to my girlfriend was not out of love, you raped her and abused her, Now stay the fuck away from my fucking girlfriend! She is amazing and if you ever message her again i am going to the police and showing them these messages!' 

my step-dad replied

'sure, sure cunt like that slut will ever get a boyfriend, and even if she does your probably blind, and like you will got to the police your to scared' 

niall replied back 'actully CUNT im not blind i am Niall Horan from one direction! Now i told you not to reply and paul and everyone has seen these messages, and we are already on the way to the police! belive me now?' 

we showed the police then showed them my scars, they said they would arrest him and my mum and thats what they did. Him and my mum are locked away forever, never gonna touch me again.

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