My One Direction Holiday Diary

Chels And Lina Go On A Summer Trip To London, And Little Did They Know They were gonna become best friends wih There favourite boy band


3. Day 3.

Dear Diary!


Niall Asked Me Out Today! Im So Excited! Obvisoly I Said YES! I Just Cant wait! We Are Going Out Tonight, And Of Corse We Are Going To Nando's ! Im So Fucking Excited! I Can Not Wait! All I Know Is That i have the perfect outfit! Im Going To Wear My Purple Skinny Jeans, Purple Half Cut Top My Purple Bieber Hoodie And My Purple Vans! Yeah i kNow everything is purple im even putting My Purple Hair extensions in. I Love Purple But Everyone Knows That, I Can Not Wait, i Like Niall so much, OMG He Just Texted Me, 

:Hey Babe, I Can Not Wait Till Tonight SO Excited, Hope You Like Nando's Oh And I Decided We Are Gonna Go To See A Movie After, And Have You Got A Hoodie And Sunglasses To Wear To Sometimes Hide: 

That's What He Said, I Guess Im Wearing My Purple Sunnies As Well, 

Is It Wierd That i even changed my phone cover to be purple. Ahhh I Have To Go Get Ready He Is Picking Me Up In 1 Hour 



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