My One Direction Holiday Diary

Chels And Lina Go On A Summer Trip To London, And Little Did They Know They were gonna become best friends wih There favourite boy band


2. Day 2.

Dear Diary, 
BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!! Me And Chels Got All of there numbers before they left, they did not leave untill 4 in the afternoon. I keep running into niall but not litterally i mean like our Eyes will meet from across the room and we would hold it for 10 seconds. It was amazing but Harry and i have been having a couple of conections but i dont think there is anything there, At the moment i sorta LOVE NIALL 

Niall, Is So Amazing. He is Funny Sweet, And Random and carefree he is the best boy ever he is perfect! I just wanna kiss him. I think we might be something special. 


xoxo Can Not Wait For Tomorrow!!!!!!!

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