My One Direction Holiday Diary

Chels And Lina Go On A Summer Trip To London, And Little Did They Know They were gonna become best friends wih There favourite boy band


1. Day 1


Dear Diary,  We Got to London about six hours ago, Today was amazing. Me and Chels Went To Nandos because it was our favourite place to eat. When we got there I heard some boys laughing there heads off, I reconized the laugh but just forgot about it because i didnt know anyone in London. I needed to go order so i stood up and all of a sudden BAM there was food all over me, i looked up and saw 2 familiar faces, I started freaking out becase standing before me were Zayn Malik and Harry Styles, Yeah The Boys From One Direction! They Straight away asked me and Chels if we would like to come sit with them so they could help us clean our selves up. we sat down and we spent about 3 hours with them then they said thy would drive us home because we had got a taxi there because our car was out of petrol. When we got home there was Paparazzi they had followed us to my house! So They Boys asked if they could stay for a while and of corse i said yes, I was totally freaking out One Direction were in my dads house, where me and Chels would be moving into later this week, i asked them if they needed anything but of corse they said no, Anyway they all settled down on the couch and watched a movie bye the time it was over it was about 7 at night and Zayn checked if there was any one left out there and of corse there was more then 5 cars and there was people with Camers waiting for someonee to come out of the house, Zayn came up to me and asked if they could stay the night because He knew that those cars werent moving for a long time. And of corse i said they could stay the night. why wouldnt i!  so bassicly, ONE DIRECTION ARE AT MY HOUSE AND THEY ARE SLEEPING OVER TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! Oh my god i am so fucking excited! ahhhhhhh  Talk tomorrow!  KISSES!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxoxoxo
      ~i know it was short but its ment to be because its a diary!
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