Wedding Day!

Louisa and her best childhood friends Franz, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam are growing up. In just a blink of an eye they're getting married. Will they be commited to the right person or will they be in the wrong person's arms. Will love win at the end? You'll just have to read it to find out :3


3. Present

Louisa's POV
I am sixteen and I have a crush on Diego now. Im still a REAL Directioner! I love 1D but I cant help but to see a resemblance in Louis. Its like a met him before

Louis' POV
Im in love not with any other girl but Eleanor. I still remember my best friend from grade school. Somehow I could never forget her. I received a note today saying that we have a reunion with our batch mates and with Louisa's batch I hope she will be there!

I went to our school. I was disguised so that no one would resemble me. I took the boys with me. I saw a girl with wavy brown hair and blue eyes. I knew it was Louisa I saw her best friend Franz. I went right next to them

"Hey Loulou what's up?" I asked

She looked to me with her eyes gleaming from the light she was beautiful like before. She never changed

"Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.... Wait now I remember you were my best friend from grade school!" Louisa said
"Yup thats me!" I said
"L-LOUIS!" Franz said

Soon as I looked back I saw alot of girls running inside. I looked back the boys were there. I knew that Louisa and Franz wouldn't escape the tension, so I decided to carry Louisa in the car and Franz with Harry. As soon as we got in the car Franz was melting.

Louisa's POV
"Franz are you alright?" Harry asked
"Yup I am!" Franz answered
"Hello!" Eleanor, Danielle amd Perrie said in unison
"Hi, Im Louis' friend from grade school. Im Louisa and this is my best fruend Franz!" I said in a happy tone
"Well hello girls!" Eleanor said

My phone started to ring. Another World was my ring tone. I looked to the caller ID it was Diego. I declined the call and I just started texting him.

"Whats up Die Go?" I texted
"Well Im fine but where are you?" He texted
"Well its hard to explain but ill text you later!" I sent
"Ok fine ill be waiting!" Diego texted causing me to gigle a bit

Everyone was looking at me weirdly.

"Was that him?" Franz asked
"What do you mean him?" I said while blushing
"You know busmate which turned out to be" Franz said
"He is just a friend!" I stated
"If thats what you think!" Franz said ending the conversation
"Who are you guys talking about?" Liam asked
"Well she has a crush on Di-" I didn't let Franz finish I covered her mouth
"No one at all he is-" I was cut off by Franz's phone

Her phone tells the caller ID while the ringtone is playing. It was saying 'Diego'. Franz got it and put it on speaker

"Hey Franz can you tell me where Louisa is?" He asked
"Well she's with us right now!" Niall said
"Who was that?!?" Diego asked
"Thats Niall Horan from One Direction. We are with them right now turns out Louis went to our school!" Franz said
"Well tell Loulou ill call her later!" He said then he hung up

I buried my head in my arms in the whole conversation. Im so embarrassed.
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