Wedding Day!

Louisa and her best childhood friends Franz, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam are growing up. In just a blink of an eye they're getting married. Will they be commited to the right person or will they be in the wrong person's arms. Will love win at the end? You'll just have to read it to find out :3


2. High School

Louisa's POV
Im just so busy in school. I forgot all my friends from grade school. All that I can remember is funny Diego. I dont know where he is now but I want to see where he is right now.

I went to school with Franz. We live together so we can go to school earlier. School was normaly boring. Being an honor student doesn't help at all. You just get more work than what you have right now! I'm in my first year, so that means Im freshman. I guess Im getting pretty old

Me and Franz were just walking aimlessly around the school. Then someone called out my name. I looked back it was a guy he looked familiar, who could it be?

"Hey Louisa do you remember me?" He asked
"No you have to be kidding me are you Diego!" Franz said
"Yup I am!" Diego said
"Why are you here anyways?" I asked
"My sister studies here" He answered simply
"Dianna is studying here!" I said
"Yeah its her first year here!" Diego said
"Great that must be a coincidence" Franz said
"Yeah so see you later guys!" Diego said as he ran off towards his sister

Everynight I keep dreaming about this boy. Its like I met him before but who could it be?

Three years past. I became closer friends with Dianna and Diego. They're really different. Im sixteen and Im about to graduate its my last year in highschool I have to make the best of it. Theres a band called One Direction, I love those five idiotic boys. Ever since X-factor and their funny video diaries. I love them all but my friend Franz chose a specific guy which is Harry Edward Styles. She said he is the only guy for her and no one else! School is hard but somehow exciting now. Im still that same old girl from Grade School, quite and kinda mysterious. Its our graduation party and I was dared to sing 'Best Friends Brother'. So I did what I had to do I sang in front hoping that nobody could see.

I was pulled to the corner. I was suprised to see Diego.

"Were you talking about me while you were singing that?" He asked with his eyebrows going up and down
"Stop seducing me with your eyebrows Diego and I wasn't singing about you!" I said
"Fine l want to get it out of the way I like you in that way" He said softly

I pulled him in for a short kiss and let go. I guess I was kinda playing hard to get.
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