Wedding Day!

Louisa and her best childhood friends Franz, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam are growing up. In just a blink of an eye they're getting married. Will they be commited to the right person or will they be in the wrong person's arms. Will love win at the end? You'll just have to read it to find out :3


4. Dinner

Louisa's POV
"Just a Friend!" I yelled when the conversation ended
"Yup he just is, cause he's Diego!" Franz said
"Exactly!" I said
"Oh really?!?" Danielle said with an intriguing look
"Well make him come over for dinner tonight!" Eleanor said
"Cause he is just a friend" Perrie said
"Just a friend remember!" all of them said in unison
"Fine ill text him now!" I said

I texted Diego he said he would come and join us. I guess tonight is gonna be interesting. It's seven o'clock. They said they said dinner would start at seven thirty. Im so nervous, wait why am I nervous its just a practical joke but... Ugh they're making me paranoid now! The door bell rang they all looked at me.

"Hello Louisa invited me for dinner here" Diego said
"Well she's here and Im Eleanor" El said while pointing in my direction
"Hiiii Die Go!" I yelled
"Hey Loulou!" He said back

They called us for dinner. Franz kicked me under the dinner table. They shot me a weird look.

"So Diego tell me do you like Louisa?" Danielle asked
"Dani that's pretty straight forward" I said
"Its okay I like her as a friend" Diego said

Which ended the whole conversation. I plopped down on the couch to watch TV. Diego sat beside me.

"So interesting dinner" He said
"Yup!" I said
"Hey do you remember that time in the bus when Martin-" I didn't let him finish

I went on top of him not to say a single word. That made attract attention to us.

"Okay okay I wont say anything at all!" He said
"Fine but if you say anything about what happened before ill tell your middle name!" I said
"Alright I wont say anything! Hey anyways I need to go now it's getting late" Diego said
"Fine ill talk to you tomorrow Diego!" I said while walking with him to the door

Then when he was going to his car. He turned back and gave me a kiss on the lips. Then he went back and drove away

"You guys are so awesome!" I yelled
"Yeah we know we are!" Perrie said

Today was fun.

Louis' POV
I dont get myself now. I feel a bit jealous this night. I love Eleanor but I have feelings for Louisa too why is life like this

Harry's POV
"Hey Franz!" I yelled
"Hey Hazza!" She yelled back
"I heard that you like me" I said
"Yeah I do" She said back
"Well I like you too!" I said. I grabbed her close and kissed hed on the lips.

I almost made her faint. Im turning in to a power ranger like Zayn!
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