Wedding Day!

Louisa and her best childhood friends Franz, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam are growing up. In just a blink of an eye they're getting married. Will they be commited to the right person or will they be in the wrong person's arms. Will love win at the end? You'll just have to read it to find out :3


1. Childhood Friends (they were 10 years old)

Louisa's POV
Hi Im Louisa! I am currently ten years old. I live in Donacaster. I have long brown curly hair and blue eyes. Im really quite and I dont have any friends but Franz we are best friends. I was in school I took out my phone. I was allowed to bring a phone cause my parents might be not at home when I get there. I am a bus rider. I always walk with Franz at the field. We were just walking at the field when a guy ran towards me at hit me along the way.

"Aw what was that for?" I said while wincing in pain
"Im so sorry!" he said while helping me up
"Who are you?" Franz asked
"Im Diego Im in the sixth grade. Im so sorry!" He said
"Wait who! Die Go what in the world!" I said
"Louisa!" Diego replied

I knew him cause he was my bus mate. We didn't really hate each other but he's my 'frienemy' I can talk to him and he can make me laugh. I slapped his face and me and Franz continued walking. I could hear his friends saying "Oh you just got owned by a fifth grader!" me and Franz laughed as we saw the look in Diego's face.

We ran and sang random songs. Until a guy hit my shoulder making my phone fall.

"Seriously first Diego now this!" I said

I was picking my phone up. As I picked it up me and his hands intertwined.

"Im really sorry for that, and by the way Im Louis Tomlinson" he said
"Its okay Im Louisa" I said
"Nice so what section are you from?" Louis asked
"Me and Louisa are in 5-F and Im Franz her best friend!" Franz took the liberty of answering
"Well Im in 5-B hope we could talk more Louisa and Franz!" Louis said as he walked over to his friends
"I was melting there" I said quitely
"Please you have a crush on Diego!" Franz said
"Why cant I have a second crush!" I said
"Fine, Whatever!" Franz

Me and Louis became friends until we moved to different high schools. I still had his phone number and we talk every now and then. Well I'm off to High School with Franz!
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