Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


21. Wow, Terrible Timing Niall

                                                            Harry's POV:

           I woke up and looked to my left. There was Emily, sleeping. She looked so beautiful. I kissed her on the lips and she woke up. "Morning babe." I said. "Morning." She replied. "Want to have some breakfast?" I asked. "Sure." she replied. We raced each other down stairs and she won. "Ha ha! I beat you!" She boasted. I picked her up and she wrapped both of her legs around me. "Winners prize is....." I started, but she already knew what it was. We kiss and I put her down on the counter. Her hands went down to touch my bum and my hands we up the back of her shirt. I kissed her neck and she took off my shirt. Her fingers slid through my hair .

                                                             Niall's POV:

            We decided to go to Harry's house to see what they were up to. We walked up to the door and slowly walked through it, in case they were asleep. Oh, but they weren't asleep, the were doing stuff on the counter. Suddenly, a memory came back to me. Me and her did that before! All my memories came back to me and i remembered how much I love her. "GET OFF MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!" I yelled. I pulled them away from each other. "I'm sorry Faith but I remember how much I loved her now." She nodded her head okay and smiled. "Niall, shes my girlfriend!" Harry exclaimed. "What?" I asked. "Yeah, since you broke up with me." Emily said. "But I didn't know you then. Now I remember Emily." I pleaded. "I'm sorry Niall, but I love Harry now." Emily said. Harry continued kissing her now and my heart broke into millions of pieces. I ran all the way to my house and grabbed a knife. If I couldn't be with Emily, I can't live anymore. 

                                                               Emily's POV:

                  I stopped kissing Harry because I remembered what Niall said. "I'm sorry Harry, but I have to be with Niall. I love you, but I need Niall and he needs me. I'm sorry." I said. "It's fine," He said. "Go to him." I ran out the door as fast as I could to Niall's house. I barged inside. He had a knife up to his wrist like her was about to cut himself. "NIALL STOP!

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