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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


28. Why Are You All Crying?

                                                                Niall's POV:

              the doctor came out and pulled me aside. "Niall, we have something serious going on with Emily and Harry... they are in a coma and they aren't expected to wake up. The chance they have are 5/100 if we are lucky.." he explained with his voice drifting off at the end. Wow, I wish I could say something else, because it seems this is all that happens anymore, but tears were steaming down my face. I mean, how couldn't they be?? "I'm sorry Mr.Horan, we will try as much as we can." And with that, he walked away, leaving me there with my face in my hands.

                                                       Emily's POV:

         I woke up and walked out of the room. All of the guys and their girlfriends were crying. "Emily?" Harry called. "Harry, why are they crying? Were ok!" I asked. "I don't know, lets go ask." We went over to them and I asked, "Niall, why are you crying?" He didn't answer and it looked like he didn't see me. "Harry, what's going on?" I asked. "I don't know. Niall,  can you hear me? Faith?" He put his hand on Niall and it went right threw him. "Whoa! What?" Harry said confused. I took his hand and brought him back to my room. There, I saw me in the bed with my eyes closed. "Harry, what is that!? I'm right here." He seemed really scared. I could see he wanted to cry, but he was holding it in. He walked over to where my body was laying and picked up a book called, "Visitor's Log In." He opened it and read it aloud. "Patient name, Emily Velloso. Date came in, September 24th. Reason For Stay, was shot along with Harry Styles. Condition, in a coma, not expected to wake up." A single Tear escaped his eye and fell onto the book. I stood there in shock and I ran into his room. There, I found his body, lifeless. He followed quickly behind me. I looked into his book. "You're book says the same exact thing as mine says." I said crying. Once he noticed I was crying, he came up to me and pulled me in for a hug. "Shhh,... it's ok." He said stroking my hair. I got out of the hug and said, "Our spirits must be out of our bodies and no one can see us except for eachother." "Yup," he replied back. I layed down on a bed that had no patients on it. Harry came and layed down underneath me. "Harry, I'm scared." I said shivering. "What if we don't wake up and we die? How much longer will this last?" So many questions were filling in my mind, but I knew he wouldn't be able to answer any of them. "I don't know Em," He said crying. "Harry, I know this is going to be a little awkward for me to say, but I really love Niall, and what if  I never get to see him again?" I cried at the thought of it.

                                                            Harry's POV:

         I thought about never seeing Faith again. I winced at the thought. I love her. "I know you do Em, and he really loves you, he tells me everyday we are at work... he loves you so much." I told her. "Faith, she loves you so much. It's impossible to love a boy more than she loves you. I know what you're thinking right now, 'What if I loose her?' Well I'll tell you what, shes saying the same exact thing to herself right now. You two have got something special, don't ever loose it." She said to me, pausing sometimes to let out crys. "You and Niall have got something special too... you don't loose that either. I know you're scared right now, I am too, but we have to keep our hopes up for Niall, and Faith." I explained. "Harry, what if we wake up, and I forget you? And everyone?" She asked me. "Then I will try everything in my power to make you remember." I reassured her. Even though we weren't dating, we were best friends so we are really close. "Harry, can you sing to me?" She asked in a whisper. I could tell she was tired. "Shut the door, turn the lights off......." Soon after the song, She fell asleep in my arms, and I fell asleep with her.

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