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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


61. Umm............ Hi Niall

Niall's POV:

I walked into Starbucks and ordered a coffee and sat down at the table. You don't know how much I miss Emily, and to know she ran away with my best mate.......yeah it was terrible. So, I ran away also and what other place would I want to go other than THE CITY? And it made happy because Emily had said she always wanted to live here. So here I am, sitting down at this table when I see a girl with beautiful long, curly, blond hair, and is tall stroll in. We made eye contact and I swear, she cut a whole threw my chest and ripped out my heart. "Emily?" I asked getting up. "ummmm... hi Niall," She said looking down at my feet. I put my finger under her chin and lifted her chin up. We stared into each other's eyes and our lips were so close, so I made the move and out my lips on hers. She pulled away after a while and said, "Stop, this is wrong. I'm dating Liam." "But I love you." I say in a whisper, still holding onto her hips. "I love you too, but I can't just brake up with Liam." She says. And at that moment, my heart broke. She loved me, but she can't brake up with my best mate for me. "But, were meant to be. No matter where we are, we always end up near each other." I said, a tear slipped away. "Nialler, I can't. He broke up with the band for me, and moved out here for me." She said, tearing up. "But, you stole my heart." I said, now fully crying. She pulled me in for a hug and whispered, "You stole mine too." 

So later in the day, we decided to see where love takes us. So for now with being "just friends," she took me to her and Liam's place for lunch. "Liam! I'm home!" She called. He ran out of his bedroom and scooped her off her feet into a hug. "I got so worried about you, you didn't answer you're phone and you were gone for so long!" He said, in the middle of kissing her. God, that made me want to throw up. Then, he noticed me. "Niall?" He asked. "The one and only." I said, and couldn't help but smile. He was my best friend and I thought I would never see him again. "What are you doing here?" He asked, not in a mean tome, more of a surprised one. "Me and Em saw each other at Starbucks and she invited me over for lunch." I say. Well, this is going to be a day! (Notice the sarcasm)

A/N I have 3 books now, this one, Accidental Love, and my new one I'm updating later, seeing u again. My plans are to update this book every Monday and Saturday, AL on Tuesday's and Sundays and then SYA on Wensdays and Fridays but tomorrow ima update all cuz I'm not going to school so yeah ;)


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