Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


45. Shopping For The VMAS part two

                                                                    Emily's POV:

          I woke up because I got a text from Faith. It read, "GET HERE NOW! WE ARE GOING SHOPPING IN 27!" Sometimes that girl can be so annoying. But, ya gotta love her! "Louis, wake up!" I say nudging him. He doesn't move an inch. So, I think of the only possible way to wake him up, by snogging him! I put my lips and his and start to kiss. I see his face start to light up. He starts to kiss back, but I pull away, even though I don't want too. "What babe?" He asks me in his smexy morning voice. (Yes, smexy.) "We have to go, girls wanna go shopping." "Ok, lets go." 

*At the house*

Prey's POV:

            Finally, Lou and Em arrive and we can go shopping. They all are doodling, (Faith, if you're reading this, that word if for you!) so I yell, "LETS GO GIRLS! NOW!" "Ok Mommy Direction!" Emily yells. I like the sound of that. We all get in the car and Perrie drives, Emily sits in shot gun, and Me, Faith, and Ashley sit in the back. "So how was that make out session this morning Prey?" Faith asked with a smirk on her face. I blush that I bet my cheeks were as red as tomatoes. "Well how about you and Harry? We all heard you last night, don't play the Innocent card!" I proclaim. "We were just having a game of fun okay!?" She protests putting her hands out to the sides- shes just weird like that. "And how about Emily and Lou!? Who knows what they do in their "Carrot Kingdom"!" Faith exclaims. "Well, how about Ashley and Josh? Every time I see them their doing it!" Emily yells in defense.  "Oh no you didn't!" Ashley's yells in a big mama voice, snapping her fingers in a z formation. "Ok, everyone shut up! We all do things with our boyfriends even I do it with Zayn! But lets focus on who doesn't.. NIALL!" Perrie suggests. "Oh my God, he's never going to get over you Emily!" I yell. Emily starts to blush. "Yeah, he cuts himself for you!" Faith exclaims. Emily just sits there looking like she was in pure torture. We finally pull up to the mall and Emily shouts, "FINALLY!" We all laugh and get out. 

                                                                       Ashley's POV:

          As we enter the mall, I knew what store to go to first- MACYS! Hey, it's a cheap store, but they have awesome dresses! We head over there and we search for dress for hours, until I come across one I love. It's green, cut under the boobs part, and long. I go to try it on and when I come out the girls ooo and awww in my beauty. (lol, im fucked up:P yes,yes you are ashley! hehehe) I buy this dress and when I come back to the girls, Emily is wearing this stunning dress, it's purple, and it's cut under the boon area, it's short and has sparkles/sequences on the boob part and strapless. "Oh my God Em, you look fabuLOUIS!" I exclaim clapping my hands. "Buy it now!" Faith sqeels. She runs over to buy the dress while Faith tries on this beautiful dress- it was blue, boob cut and was short and strapless.  "Buy that fucking dress right now!" Prey proclaims in a gay voice. She buys it while Prey comes out in a stunning dress. It was yellow, short, and strapless. It was sequenced and boob cut too. "I love it!!!!" Perrie yells. Prey buys it while Perrie comes out in this long, red dress that had sleeves and sparkled in the light. "But. That. Mother. Fucking. Dress. Now!" I say. She buys it and we all smile and say, "SHOE TIME!"

                                                                Perrie's POV:

           So we go over to this shoe store and we walked it. All our mouths drop open. Why you ask? Because there were shoes, shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Everywhere you looked, there would be shoes! We all squeel and into the store to find the perfect shoe. 

           About a half an hour later, we all place our shoes on the counter. Faith had silver flats, Emily had silver high-heels, I had red high-heels, Prey had yellow flats, and Ashley had white wedges. We all payed and headed out, we only had an hour 'til the VMAS!!!!

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