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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


47. School

Emily's POV:

          I sat down next to Niall and hugged him. I started crying too. "Niall, I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way," "YOU DIDN'T KNOW I FELT THIS WAY!?" He exclaims standing up, "You know I fucking cut myself because I miss you! I fucking love you!" He falls down and sobs more. "I'm sorry Niall! OK!? Is that what you wanted to hear?! I'm sorry that you cheated on me and that i broke up wit-" He cut me off by kissing me. I kiss back for a little, and then I finally realize what I have done. "SHIT!" I exclaim. "Oh my God,  I'm so sorry." Niall whispers crying. "Oh my fucking bajesus!" I yell. "What?" He asks laughing. I laugh to and we sit in silence for a couple minutes with his head on my shoulder and me and him hugging. "I miss this," Niall says breaking the silence. "I know, I do too, but I'm with Lou now and I love him, I'm sorry." I say. He starts crying harder. "Hey, if we kiss one more time, I won't tell if you don't. I know it's wrong but-" I cut him off because I slam my lips onto his. We kiss for a long time when I hear Louis call my name. "Emily!? Where are you!?!?" He calls. "I'm here!" I call back standing up and wiping the tears in my eyes. He comes in and hugs me tight. "I was so worried, I was looking for you everywhere." He whispers into my hair and then kisses it. "Can we go home?" I asked him. "Yeah, it's getting late." Then, I remembered. "Lou, what date is it?" I asked. "September 6th, why?" He questions. "I have school tomorrow." 

*On the bus*

          Faith, Ashley and I boarded the bus with Liam and Prey waving bye. The rest of the boys weren't up yet- it was 6:54 am! Prey didn't come because she was scared that her mom would find her there. We sat in our usual seats in the back and placed our backpacks down. The two seats on the back were occupied by me, Faith, Ashley, and one of our friends named Talia. Me and Faith shared a seat, her on the inside and me on the outside. Ashley and Talia shared a seat, Talia in the inside and Ashley on the outside. Oh, and I forgot one thing, Jessica was on our bus. You see, we all live on the same street. She gave me dirty looks and glares. She sat with the other mean girls, Kayla and Tatiana. God, I hate them! We were at Talia's stop when we ducked down because we wanted to surprise her. We heard her enter the bus and we popped out and screamed, "TALIA!!!!" She squeeled and ran over to hug us. She sat down in her seat and couldn't stop smiling. Then she frowned. "Wifey, why did you leave me!?!?" She asked upset, with her putting her hands on her hips. "Because, I've found another!" I spoke truthfully. You know Harry and Louis's bromance? Well, that's basically me and Talia. God, i just wanted to get to school to see my 2 best friends aside from Prey, Ashley, Faith, and Talia. I wanted to see Nick and Jenny. Nick and I have a history, we dated for a while, but then broke up because we thought it was best if we were just friends. After we broke up, I had a crush on him still, and he had a crush on me. We always said, if we still knew each other when were older, we would for sure get back together. He became my very best friend and he would go to this park with me right next to his house every Friday. One day, my father abused me so much that I ran to the park and pointed a knife up to my heart and I was about to kill myself but Nick found me and stopped me. He told me he still loved me and never stopped. But, he had to let me go, he said, run away to a happier place, he said. I did and here I am now. Stuck in the middle of two very lovely guys. And Jenny, well Jenny is what you can call me in another form. She is just like me, silly, wild, fun, crazy, funny, adventurous, loud, a dare taker, and secret teller. She was always there for me and I couldn't wait to see them! The best thing was that Nick was in my class! But, Jenny was in a whole 'nother wing. The bus stopped at the school and I ran out. I found Jenny and I snook up behind her...."BOO!" I yelled. "AHH!" She screamed and turned around. "EMMY!!!!!" She exclaimed. "JENNY!" I yelled back giving her a hug. We hugged me for a while and then said, "4th period bell, meet me in the bathroom." And with that, she rushed to her class room. Ok, time to see Nick.....

                                                                Nick's POV:

           I can't believe Emily took my advise and ran away! I'm so happy for her! The only thing is, she's dating one of the most famous people in the world. She's never going to go back for me. She's not coming back to school anyway. But, at least her dad is in jail and she's safe. I take my seat in homeroom and wonder who's in my class. I look over to see who's sitting next to me, and you would never guess who it was, EMILY! "EMILY!" I exclaim and hug her. "NICK!" She yells back. "I thought you weren't coming back." I whispered into her hair and a tear of joy escaped my eye. "Nick, you know I can't stay away from you." She says back. I look at her and shes crying tears of joy too. I wipe them away with my thumb. We look into each others eyes and we lean in for a kiss... when the bell rings for 1st period. DAMN IT! "What do you have for 1st period?" I ask her grabbing my stuff. "LAL, Mrs. Fischer." She says. "Oh, I got math, Mrs. Begeja." I say back unhappily. "Bye," She said kissing my cheek. "Bye!" I wave and head the oppiste direction of her.

                                                                  Emily's POV:

           I enter my LAL (langue arts litricy) room and take a seat next to Talia and my friend, Johnna. "Hey guys!" Is say. "Omg! Hey Em!" Johnna excailms. "Hey Johnna!" I say back hugging him. We learn about proper sentences as a review form last year and soon, the bell rings. I get up and head to my next subject- science. 

                                                                  Faith's POV: 

          I was heading to my next subject- science with Mrs. Murray. I walk in and see Emily is sitting there- SCORE! I take a seat next to her and yell, "Hey gurl, hey!!!" "Oh my God, Faith!!!" She exclaims hugging me. While the teacher told us to read our text book, Emily tells me that she kissed Niall and she likes both but can't decide who. "Okay class, we are going to the woods to find each of you're own trees to observe over the school year. Let's go!" Mrs. Murray explains. Em and I get up and find two trees next to each other. "I'm gonna name mine Harry." I say happily. Emily frowns. "I don't know," She say with a tear slipping from her eye. "Oh yeah sorry, how about Nick?" I ask because they are so close. "Perfect!" She cheers and hugs her tree. "Hello Mr. Nick!" Emily exclaimed.

                                                                 Emily's POV:

         At dismissal, Nick and I talk about stuff when my friend, Jaden, comes over and asked, "Do you want to play the hand game!" "I would but can't, got a boyfriend." We were about to explain the rules to Nick when they call the buses. Nick and I walk together since my bus is 1 and his is 4. 

                                                                 ****at home****

         The guilt about kissing Niall built up so much inside of me that I just had to tell Louis. "Louis, can I talk to you in our room for a second?" I ask him while we all are playing truth or dare. "Yeah sure." We get up and walk towards our room and I shut the door behind him. "What's up babe?" He asked. God, I'm gonna break his sweet little heart I start crying but manage to say, "Lou, I kissed Niall last night," I cry so much, so hard right there and then. I look at Lou and he is crying and soon enough he yells, "I knew this was going to happen, you always loved him, never me." That shook me up so much, I screamed, "Louis, I always loved you! How could you say that!?!? You know what, were done." And with that I walk out, grab my carkeys, and start to drive as far away from him and that house as fast as possible.

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