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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?



                                                          Niall's POV:

              I woke up to see it was 9 am. "Wake up Emily!" I said cheerfully. But as I turned around, she wasn't there.Then, I smelled the smell of cooking food. I love that smell! I got dressed and walked downstairs. There was Emily making pancakes."So Emily," I started, "I was thinking that we should finish what we started in the pool yesterday." "What do you mean?" she asked like she had no idea. I knew she was kidding.

                                                          Emily's POV:

               He picked me up and placed me on the counter. "Here maybe this will help you remember..." he said. He was kissing me on my shoulder, and then my neck. He moved up to my lips and we started kissing. He ran his fingers to my hair and I put my hands on is bum. He smiled on my lips and quickly went back to kissing. He picked me up to bring me to the bedroom but then the phone rang."DAMN IT AGAIN!?" he exclaimed. I giggled at him. "What Liam? Ok, bye." "What did he say?" I asked. "They are on their way." he said. DING DONG!!!!!!!!!! "Well I guess their here now." I said. Niall opened the door and greeted everyone. I did the same.

                                                         Harry's POV:


              Why does Emily always have to look so pretty!?!?!? I want her to be mine so bad but i would never do that to my best friend. This is all too much. I just have to stop thinking about her. "Who wants to go into the pool!?!?!?" I asked. "MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" everybody shouted. We all jumped into the pool.

                                                        Niall's POV:

               "Who wants to play marco polo?" Emily asked. Everyone said yes, including me even though I didn't want to do it. She must have noticed that I wasn't that much into the game so she whispered in my ear, "If you find me, we can finish what we were doing in the kitchen tonight." That got me totally on board. "Marco?" I called. "Polo!" they would yell back. after a couple rounds of back and forth, I found Emily. "You promised!" I said. "I know, and I cant wait!" She said back to me. I love her. We all decided to start having some food and drinks.

                                                        Emily's PROV:

                 Being 14, I wasn't allowed to drink for 4 more years, so I  just loved watching everybody get drunk! It's so funny! After couple rounds, Louis was so drunk, he fell into the pool! "I''m going to get a couple more beers. Emily, do you want to come with me?" Harry asked. "Sure, why not." I answered. I got up and went into the kitchen and grabbed two or there beer cases. "Emily?" he asked me. "Yeah?" I said back. "Can you do me a favor?" he asked me. "Sure." I replied. "I need to find a girl friend, can you help me?" This was a perfect! I know the most perfect girl for him! Her name is Faith and shes my best friend. Even though I only saw her once a week at the most, I knew she loved Harry! "I have the most perfect girl! Come up stairs with me!!!!" I exclaimed. I took his hand and led him to my room. I closed the door so we could talk on the phone with Faith without being interrupted. Harry sat on the corner of my bed while I got my phone out. I sat down right next to him. He was looking at me and I looked at him. He had beautiful eyes as well, they were hazel.
                                                                Harry's POV:

                   She was so beautiful, and her eyes, oh her eyes! They were blue and they sparkled! I guess we just got into the moment, and we bent in to kiss each other.  We kissed each other and it turned into a more intense French kiss. I put my hands on her neck and she put her hand through my hair. It was the best kiss I ever had! We didn't stop.

                                                              Niall's POV:

                   "Hey Liam!" I called. "Yeah?" he called back walking towards me. "Where's Emily?" I asked. "I think she went inside to get more beers with Harry." Liam responded. "Ok thanks!" I exclaimed. I walked inside the house and I saw the beers on the counter, but not Emily or Harry. "Emily!!!!" I called. I walked upstairs to the guest bedroom, no one was there. The door was shut to my bedroom so I know she was probably there. I opened it and walked in slowly while saying, "Hey Emily, do you know where- WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!" I had walked in on Harry and Emily kissing.

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