Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


34. Our Place

                                                               Emily's POV:

            Lou finally stopped the car in front of a woody area. "So, tickled pink roses?" I ask laughing. "Well, I just thought of you when I go like this," he said. He jumped on top of me and started tickling me. "Lou.........stop...........please! I............can't................breathe!" I said in between laughs. He stops and hops out of the car. "Here you are," He says opening my door and bending down on one knee. "Oh thank you, my king," I say getting out of the car and curtsying. He covered my eyes and I could feel us going deeper and deeper into this magical forest. Finally he says, "And here is our kingdom, my queen," as he takes his cuffed hands of my eyes. It was just as he described it, it was just made for us two. "Wow.." Was all I managed to squeak out. "I told you so!" Lou exclaimed, sounding pretty satisfied with his discovery. "Come on!" I exclaimed. We spent hours and hours there just doing crazy things. Like, Lou found this rope and he tied it to a tree and we swung on it into the stream. And when we were done with that, we added a tire we found to the rope and mad it a tire swing! We made jokes, told secrets, laughed at almost everything, and  built a tree house and two hammocks out of supplies we found among the grass. After about 5 hours of that, it was night and we lied down on the grass and looked up at the stars. "Hey Lou," I started. "Yeah?" He asked. "We should do this everyday, and tomorrow we should bring paint to paint our tree house and write, "The Carrot Kingdom, Home of the Carrot King and Queen!" I said that last part in an announcers voice. We both laughed. "I agree Em," He said and kissed me on the cheek. "Em?" Louis asked. "Hm?" "How much do you love Niall?" he asked. "A lot," I reply, "And how much do you love El?" "A whole bunch!" He answers.

                                                               Louis's POV:

          Oh no, this isn't good. I think I might have feelings for Emily, like not best friend feelings, but boyfriend feelings. "How much do you love Niall?" It slips out. Hoping she would say, "A little," She says, "A lot," Like I knew she would. "How much do you love El?" She asks. "A whole bunch!" I reply, not feeling that way right now.

                                                    Louis's and Emily's POV:

          Do I have feelings for my best friend?

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