Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


33. Niall's Visit

                                                            Niall's POV:

        Ok, finally going to talk to my girlfriend, and I'm so nervous and scared, but happy too. I hope with all my heart that she wakes up and I can hold her in my arms again. "Hey Emily. I miss you so much, I hope you know that." I'm crying right now, "Babe, I love you soo much and if you never wake up, I don't think I'll be able to live without you. Please, please wake up!!! I love you so much! If I loose you, I loose the world." I stopped talking and ran my fingers through my hair. I just sat there and cried for so long that I wouldn't be surprised that all the boys got up and left. "Niall?" I heard. I looked up and saw my beautiful girlfriends hazel eyes.

                                                    Emily's POV:

         "Awwww Niall I love you too!" I thought to myself when Niall was telling me that I was his world. Suddenly, it got really hard to breathe. Then, everything turned black.


I woke up in a bed and I heard sobs. "Niall?" I ask. He looks up and his eyes get wide. "Emily?" He asks astonished. "Oh my God, I missed you so much!" He exclaims and kisses me. It was passionate, but not as ling as I hoped. "DOCTOR! I NEED A DOCTOR!" He yells, running out the door. I laugh at how ridiculous he's acting. "IS MY LITTLE CARROT PRINCESS DEAD!?!?!?" Louis asks/exclaims crying. "NO! SHE'S AWAKE!" Niall called back happily, looking for a doctor. Next thing I know, everyone is swarming in the room. They all starting talking all at once so I yelled, "HEY!" Everyone turned and looked at me. "I have somethings to say. First of all, it's okay Harry, I understand of why you forgot. Second, Lou, when I get out of here can we go? Third, yes Faith, I do remember! And lastly, Niall I love you too, with all my heart." "Of course we can Em." Louis said hugging me. "Hey Ash, nice with Josh, he's a keeper!" I said aloud, and Josh's face turned as red as roses! "Thanks Em," Ashley said laughing. "Well I see you're awake Mrs.Velloso! We weren't excepting you to be. We are going to give you a check up and then you should be free to go!"

        After the check up, I waltzed out of that room feeling free. Knowing that I can actually talk to people is incredible! "Lou, I'm ready to go!" I cheered. "Okay, come on, we got to go before anyone follows us!" We rushed out of that hospital and called, "WE WILL BE BACK LATER!" We ran into the car and we raced to our place.

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