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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


19. NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                  Rick's POV:

              I just broke out of jail and was planning to find that little bitch. I knew who she was with, those little dicks called, "One Direction." I knew where they were going too, so my plan was perfect. I'm not going to hurt her, I'm going to hurt her little boyfriend and let her live with the pain forever. I grabbed a lead pipe and started my terrific plan..........

                                                                  Niall's POV:

                   We were in the middle of eating when I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and walked into the bathroom. Suddenly, I saw a guy behind me. I turned around and he hit me in the head with a pipe. I fell to the ground and everything turned black.

                                                                Emily's POV:

                    "Harry, Niall has been in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Can you come check on him with me?" I asked. "Sure." He got up and walked to the bathroom with me. He walked inside and I heard him scream. He brought Niall out and he was all bloody. Well, his head was. He was knocked out and he looked like someone had just beat him to death. I collapsed and started crying. "HELP! SOMEONE CALL 911!" Harry shouted. All noises were silent to me. All I saw were lips moving and people running. Paramedics ran in and took Niall away Suddenly, the noise came back. "EMILY!!!" Harry was shouting. I looked up and he said, "We have to go to the hospital The others are going to meet us there." He told me. Me and Harry ran to the car and drove to the hospital. We ran into the waiting room outside his room and sat there crying. I put my head on Harry. "Shhh... It's going to be okay." Harry told me. "Niall is as hard as a rock. Once, he fell straight on his face on cement and he came out of the hospital awake and okay. Everything is going to be fine." I looked up at his sparkling hazel eyes and he looked into mine. I started kissing him. That's when everything took at left turn.

                                                                 Harry's POV:

                      "WHAT!?" I heard Faith scream. She saw that me and Emily were kissing. She had tears rolling down her cheeks. I got up and ran to her. "Faith, please wait," I started. "No Harry. Obviously, this isn't working out. We are threw. I'm only staying here for Emily, not you okay?" My heart shattered. "Please Faith," "No. I said were threw." And she turned her back to me. I ran into the bathroom and Emily followed. "Harry, I'm so sorry." She apologized. "It's fine is wasn't you fault." I said back. We headed to the waiting room where only me and Emily sat. Suddenly, the doctor came out. "Niall is going to be ok, it's just he lost months worth of memory. If you can't get him to remember everything that happened in the last couple months by the end of this week, his memory will be gone forever. You can go see him now." The doctor explained. Emily was crying even harder. "That means he won't remember me." She said still crying. I helped her up and I hugged her. We walked into his room and there he was, looking around. "Niall!" Emily called and went to give him a hug. "Harry, is this you're girlfriend?" He asked me. "Niall, you don't remember me? I'm your girlfriend, Emily. You lost your memory." She said to him crying. 

                                                            Niall's POV:

          So this girl was my girlfriend? I feel like I know her, but I couldn't remember. "Emily, I'm sorry but I don't remember. Maybe it's best if we just brake up." I told her. She cried and nodded her head, "Ok." We must have had a really good relationship. She ran out of the room and Harry ran to her. Suddenly, more people came in. There was Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, and two other girls. One was really pretty. She was tall, and had blond hair. She looked like that girl Emily except she had straight hair. "Hey Niall, do you remember me? I'm Faith." She said to me. "Hi Faith." I said. "Liam, is that your girlfriend?" I said pointing at the other girl. "Yup, now we all have girlfriends." He answered. "Well, no. I just broke up with Harry." Faith said. Yes! She was single! "And I just broke up with that girl, Emily. I said. "Oh no," Said all the boys and the girls. They all ran to Emily but Faith stayed behind with me. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked her."Well, Emily has been through a lot, and for this to come around, I don't know how shes even going to live any more." She told me the whole story, and how I saved her and so on. "I feel pretty bad, but I couldn't have kept dating her, I don't have those feelings I used to." I told Faith. "I know what you mean." she replied. "I was wondering, do you want to go out with me?" I asked her. "Sure." She said back with a kiss on my forehead. Then, she walked out of the room. 



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