Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


49. More School

Emily's POV:

            "Wake up Em, we have to go to school in an hour," Nick says rubbing my back. "Here, you wear my sisters jeans and a jersey of mine, if you want." He offered. "Sure, I love you're jerseys!" I exclaim even though I meant to keep that as a thought. He laughs and blushes and so do I. He hands me the clothes and goes down stairs to make us breakfast. I put on the clothes on and out on a white tank top under his football jersey  It said, "DeStio" on the back. I love his last name, so Italian! I walk downstairs and smell the French toast that Nick is making. "Oh my God, that smells so good!" I exclaim sitting down at the table. He laughs and so do I. He brings out our plates and syrup. "So, you playing the hand game?" I ask Nick. "What is that?" He asked with his mouth stuffed with food. Total. Niall. Move. "Okay, so on the top of your hand, someone writes a time, which your allowed to see. On the bottom of your hand, they write a persons name that your not allowed to see until the time on your hand passed. If you look at the name before the time, you have to ask that person out." I explain. "Oh I get it! O. M. G. Tots playing!" He says in a gay voice. You gotta love him! After I brush my teeth with him and brush my hair, it's time to go to the bus stop. He gives me a piggy back ride there, but we are the first one's to get there. "Em, since you have no where to go, I was um.. wondering if you wanted to um.... move in with me?" He asked nervously rubbing his arm and blushing. "Yes! Thank you Nick!" I exclaimed hugging him. He let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Jenny gets to the bus stop. "JENNY!!" I yell."EMMY!" She yells, dropping her backpack. "What are you doing here?" She asked. I tell her the story and say, "You better get used to seeing me here because I'm moving in with Nick!" I say happily. We fangurl over ourselfs and jump up and down for a little then. She elbows me in the side playfully saying, "So moving in with Nick???" She smirked and raised her eyebrows up and down as we got on the bus. Jenny and I sat in a 3 seater and I sat on the outside. Nick sat on a two seater across from us. 

                                                                    Faith's POV: 

           I head to science class, hoping Em is there.Instead, I get pushed to the wall by my ex- crush, Nolan. "Babe, I think we should get together, if you know what I mean." He says making our foreheads touch. "No, Nolan. I'm dating someone." I say trying to push him off of me, but he's to strong. He tries to kiss me but then I push him, bad idea. He swings a punch and it hits me right in the face. I look down on the ground and see blood. It's dripping from my mouth. Next thing I know, I see Emily beating the crap out of Nolan. Shit, that girl got some power! So lucky shes my best friend...

                                                                  Emily's POV:

         I heard yelling so I exited the classroom to check it out. When I walked out, I saw Nolan punch Faith in the face and her bleed. I beat the living shit out of that boy...wouldn't be surprised if his face got used as a Halloween mask now! When class ended, I went to the nurse to check on Faith and told her everything that;s going on. "Do you think you can get my stuff from the house and bring it over to me?" I ask. "Yeah, sure." She answers. "And remember, don't tell ANYONE where I am, ok?" I double check. "Got it." She confirmed. 

                                                                   **At Nick's**

                                                                    Nick's POV:

          I can't believe the girl of my dreams is moving in with me! Next step... ask her out........


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