Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


16. Management Calling

                                                                    Niall's POV:

               Once we got home, I got a text from Paul. It said, "Tour starts tomorrow. Meet at studio at 3:00 pm. - Paul." "We have a tour tomorrow." I said to Emily. "Am I coming?" She asked me. "Of course!" I replied. "Good!" she said with a sigh of relief. "Can I have a good bye present?" I asked her. She knew what I meant. "What so you mean?" she said kidding around. "You know like this." I said. I kissed her on the lips and it turned into a French kiss. I pulled her down on to the bed and started t un-zip her pants. I slid them off and I started to kiss her neck. She took off my pants and then my shit. She loved it when I kissed her neck! I took off her shirt and her bra, and well, I think you know the rest!

                                                                Harry's POV:

                 I read the text about tour tomorrow and I asked Faith if she wanted to come with me. "of course!" she exclaimed. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. We started French kissing. Her lips were so soft! I pulled her onto the bed and I took off her shirt and bra. She took off my pants and my shirt. I took off her pants and I don't think you want to here the the rest, but it was great!


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