Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


18. Liam Finds A Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              Liam's POV

                  I saw this really beautiful girl in the crowd and I just wanted to meet her! I went over to Paul and told him to go get her. He did as I asked and I took her hand and pulled her on stage. "What's you're name love?" I asked her. "Ashley." She had blond hair and it was straight. She had beautiful blue eyes and she was short, but that didn't really matter. She looked like Faith, but Faith was taller and had hazel eyes. "So Ashley, how are you?" I asked another question. "Really surprised..." She said. "Why would you pick me to come up here?" "Well, I saw you and I wanted to make you mine." I replied. "Really?" she asked me. "Yup! How about you hang out with me and the boys after the concert today?" I asked. Suddenly, Faith and Emily ran onto the stage. "ASHLEY!!!! IS THAT REALLY YOU!?!?!?" They exclaimed. "EMILY! FAITH! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU GUYS IN FOREVER!!!!" Ashley yelled. "What are you guys doing here!?!?" She asked them. "Well I'm dating Niall and Faith is dating Harry." Emily replied. "Come hang out with us today.. please!!!" Faith pleaded. "Ok, I will!" Ashley shouted and ran backstage with Emily and Faith. "Let's answer some twitter questions, shall we boys?" Niall asked. The crowed cheered. "Ok the first one says, 'Can you boys kiss you're girlfriends?' Sure why not!?" Louis exclaimed. Eleanor came running out and he gave her a peck on the lips. Perrie ran out and gave Zayn a little kiss. Then, came Faith and gave Harry a kiss. And then Ashley walked out and I gave her a kiss. I think she liked it. Last but not least, Emily came out and gave Niall a little kiss on his  lips but Niall pulled her in for more. By now, they were probably French kissing."Bow chicka wow wow." Louis called. "HEY YOU STOLE MY WORD!!!!" Harry said putting his hands on his hips. Finally, Niall and Emily finished kissing and she ran off stage.

*********************after the concert**********************

                                                          Niall's POV:  

       The concert just finished and I walked over to the side and I saw all the girls talking. I pulled Emily to the side and she said, "THAT WAS AMAZING BABE!!"  she kissed me on the cheek. Why not the lips!!?!?!?!? "Thanks love, so do you want to go to our hotel room?" I asked, hoping she would say yes. "Actually, we were all thinking about going out tonight, if you want to." She said. "Yeah, that will be fun." I replied. We were on our way to Nando's when Emily whispered in my ear, "We can finish what we were doing later." I smiled and said,"For sure." 



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