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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


25. I'm Sorry Harry

                                                                  Emily's POV:

           I walked out of the room and headed downstairs. I needed to see Harry to remind myself how much I love him. I wiped the tears away and walked into the kitchen. I saw Faith there crying. "Faith, whats wrong?" I asked her. I bent down next to the chair. "I'm so sorry Emily. Me and Harry kissed. I'm so so sorry." "Where is he?" I asked chocked up. "I don't know. He ran outside after we kissed." She said crying. I ran outside and screamed,"HARRY!!! HARRY!!!!!"

                                                            Harry's POV:

            I heard Emily scream my name and I ran toward her. I finally saw her and hugged her tight. "I know what happened." She said crying. "I am so sorry, I love you and you're the only one." I said. I kissed her and picked her up. She wrapped both of her legs around me and I carried her all the way home while we kissed. We walked inside and everyone was looking at us as we went up to my bedroom. I know you you know the rest.

                                                            Niall's POV:

               I walked downstairs where everyone was and asked, "Do you guys know where Emily is?" I needed to apologize to her. "Yeah, her and Harry just went upstairs, AGAIN!" Louis exclaimed. "Oh," I said back. I missed her so much. I remember how we used to hold hands, and kiss and what shes doing upstairs now. I just wanted this to end, everything to be back to  normal. From the moment I saw her to the moment we die, I want her to be with me every step of the way. If she chooses to stay with Harry, there is no point to live anymore. I was so tired that my eyes shut and I fell asleep on the couch.

*************************the next day**************************

                                                                     Niall's POV:

            I woke up and I heard someone in the kitchen. I got up and saw it was Emily making breakfast. "Morning." She said to me. "Morning." I said back to her. "Want some pancakes?" She asked. "Sure." I replied. She took out a plate for me and put out some pancakes. I sat next to her at the table and I said, "I'm sorry about yesterday, I was being a jerk and selfish." "It's okay. People just get that feeling sometimes." She told me. "Thanks." I said. We sat there eating until it happened again, we kissed. "Holy crap. We have to stop doing this." She said. She got up and walked away. "Damn me!" I exclaimed banging on the table. Suddenly Harry walked down stairs. "Morning, where's Emily?" He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders because I was scared that if I talked, I would start crying. He went outside in the back and said, "Oh there you are." He kissed her and held her hand to bring him inside. "Thanks for the party yesterday." I said and got up and left.

                                                         Emily's POV:

            I really love Harry, but I love Niall more. I was nervous but I said, "Harry, I have to tell you something. I'm breaking up with you. I love you, I really do, but it's just I have feelings for Niall again. I'm sorry." I started to cry. "Sh... don't cry. I understand." He said pulling me in for a hug. He was crying too. "Can we kiss one more time?" He asked me wiping away his tears. I nodded yes and he pulled hme in for a long, meaningful French kiss. "I love you." I whispered crying. "I will always love you." He whispered back. I gave him one last kiss and walked outside. I ran all the way to Niall's house and barged in. "Emily?" he asked standing. up. I ran into his arms and kissed him. He stopped kissing me and said, "Stop. You're dating Harry." "No I'm not. I would like to date you if you ever could take me back." I said. "Of course." He said smiling. We went to kissing and he stopped again. "Remember the night of the accident at the concert?" He asked. "Yeah..." I said wanting to know where he was going with this. "And remember that promise you m' ade me?" "Hmmm.... Oh yeah, that promise!" I exclaimed. "How about we go do that promise now?" He asked me. He picked me up and knowing that you KNOW the promise, I guess you know the rest!

***********the next day*************

                                                               Emily's POV:

           I woke up and my head was on Niall's shirtless body. He had his arms around me. I kissed him on the lips and said, "Morning sleepy." "Morning love." He said back. We got out of bed and I asked him, "I want to get Harry and Faith back together. Do you have any ideas?" "Well I have one......." He said mischievously . "He took out his phone and called Harry. "Hey Harry. I rented out the whole bowling ally and I was wondering if you would like to come. I'm asking Liam ans Ashley too. Ok. See you at 3. Bye." He hung up and called Faith. "Hey Faith. I rented out the whole bowling ally and I was wondering If you would like to come, me and Emily are back together so shes coming to. I'm asking Liam and Ashley is they would like to come too. Ok. See you at three! Bye." And then he called up Liam and Ash. When he hung up with them, he said, "DONE! Now it's time to work you're magic at the bowling ally to get them to like each other again." I kissed him on the cheek. "This reminds me of the first day I met you. You had everything planned out and I didn't even know!" I shouted.

*********3 pm**********

                                                                    Emily's POV:

                  We arrived at the bowling ally and me and Liam really had to got to the bathroom. We ran inside and went. I walked out after washing my hands and this is what I saw. Ashley and Niall were kissing, I mean, I always knew Ashley had a crush on Niall, but I thought she loved Liam. "That bitch." I heard Liam say behind me. "Stop it!!!!! I have a girlfriend and she happens to be one of you're best friends!!!!!" I was so glad that I could trust Niall. "Ashley!!!" I screamed running out to the table. "What the hell!?!?" "Well what do you think!? You know I've only loved Niall, never Liam. I was just using him to get to Niall!" Ashley addmitted. Suddenly, Faith and Harry walked over. "What happened?" They asked. "Ashley, our friendship is over." I said wanting to punch her in the face. "And so is our relationship." Liam said crying. I hugged Liam as I heard Niall say, "What the fuck dude, what the fuck." Then, Ashley walked out of the bowling alley. Niall got up and hugged me and I said, "
Now I know I can trust you."



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