Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


53. He, Hi Louis...

Niall's POV:

        I got Emily up to my room and we sat on my bed excused. "Holy shit this bed is so soft!" She whisper yelled. I laughed and pushed the hair out of her face. We starting kissing until she pulled my shirt of and I kissed her neck. I pulled off her shirt and then....well you know....

                                                                  Louis's POV:

        "Woah, sounds like Niall has a lady friend!" Harry said with an evil grin. "Harry!' Faith exclaimed. "I want a lady friend too!!" Harry said to Faith, Giving her a puppy dog face. "Harry!" Faith laughed, playfully slapping him. They started kissing and then Harry started to kiss her neck. "STILL HERE!" I exclaimed. Harry picked up Faith as they were still kissing. He walked up to his room and when they were in the hallway he called, "NOT ANYMORE!" We all broke out laughing. Except for me, of course. I wanted someone to love like that, I wanted Emily. I will never be able to get over her. Mostly because everyone ha girlfriends  an now Niall has a girl. 

                                                                Emily's POV:

          After a while of "Fun", we went to be.



       "EMILY! WAKE UP!!" Niall shouted. He looked like he was crying  He was also screaming REALLY loudly. He hugged me tightly. "Niall, whats the matter!?" I asked worriedly. "I had a dream that you left me, that you died. And I was trying to shake you, but you wouldn't wake up." He explained crying on my shoulder. "Shhh... it's ok." I said, drawing circles with my fingers on his back. That always calms him down. Suddenly, we hear footsteps approaching. "In the closet." He said. I ran in and closed the door just in time. 

                                                        Niall's POV:

       The boys all ran in, Zayn with hair spray, Liam in a karate pose, Louis with a rubber chicken, Harry with a golf club, and Josh with a bat. "What happened?" Liam asked, noticing I was crying. "Nothing, just a bad dream. Zayn, really hairspray? And a rubber chicken Lou?" We all laughed. "So what was it, all the food in the world dissapeared again?" Josh asked laughing. "No, worse." I said remembering the dream. They all gasped. "Worse than food?" Louis asked covering his mouth with his hand. "Yes, now can you get out so I could dressed." And with that they left. I pulled Emily out of the closet and we both got dressed. When we were finished, I sat her on the bed. "Now, we have alone time." I said, leaning in to kiss her. 

                                                                      Louis's POV:

           It was about 5 minutes after Niall pushed us out of his room. I had to ask him something so I got up and walked into his room with out knocking and you would never believe what I saw. Emily and Niall kissing. 



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