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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


35. Emily, I'm sorry!! Please Forgive Me!

                                                              Louis's POV:

          "Come on Em! It's time to go!" I yell to Emily, grabbing my coat. "Coming!" She yells heading towards Niall. "Bye Niall, love you." She says kissing his cheek. "Love you too." He says back. Ever since he came back from the pub last night, he's been acting quit strange. It couldn't be a hangover, it's 6:00 pm. "Where do you guys go anyway? You've been doing this for 3 weeks now!" Harry asked. "NO WHERE!!!"  I yell grabbing Emily's hand and running out the door. 

***At the carrot kingdom*****

           "Okay, ready to paint!?!?" I asked enthusiastically. We were wearing smocks and had our paint brushes and paint cans in our hands. "YES!" She exclaimed. We spent hours and hours painting it and iot turned out perfect. The bottom was black, but as it went up, it turned into purple. After the background dried, we painted carrots on it and wrote, "The Carrot Kingdom, Home Of The Carrot King And Queen." In green and orange paint. We put our initials on the tree house after. I wanted to have even more fun so I picked up a can of blue paint and threw the paint all over Emily. "AAA!!" She screamed. She picks up the black paint and dumps the whole thing on me. "Oh your gonna pay!" I exclaimed. We just do this for an hour until we get tired. At 1:00 am, we laid down in our hammocks looking up at the stars. The hammocks are placed right next to each other. "Em?" I ask her. "Yeah?" "Did you ever think about what would happen if the world ended like they said it would in December?" I know, it's a stupid question, but I wanted to break the silence. "Yeah, and if it does, then me and you are coming here to die, just you and I." She answers. "How about Niall? Wouldn't you want to be with him to die?" I ask. "Considering he's my boyfriend, yes, but I would rather spend my last moments here with you." She relies. I smile largely and say, "I would want to be here with you too." "How 'bout El?" She asks. "The same answer you have for Niall," I reply. "I love you my Carrot King.You know, as a friend." She says. "I love you too, my Carrot Queen." If only she knew how I really felt about her. After a couple of minutes of looking at the stars, Emily comes into my hammock. "Sorry, I'm cold." She says. "It's fine." I say. She burrows her head into my chest and we both fall asleep. 


            I woke up and Emily was still sleeping next to me. I turned on my phone and it was bombarded from texts from the boys and Eleanor. The boys were all freaking out about where we were, mostly Niall. Probably cause we didn't tell them we were sleeping here. I look at Eleanor's text and she said she wanted to meet me at Dunkin' Donuts at 12:00 pm. I looked at the time and it was 11:23 am. "Em, wake up babe." "She woke up and looked at her phone. It was also bombarded with texts. "Oh my God, It's 11:25!" She exclaimed. "Yeah, El wants me to meet her at Dunkin Donuts at 12 so we should probably go." I explained. "Ok." She said in a yawn. I got off the hammock and picked her up in a cradle and brought her to the car. She fell asleep in my arms so I laid her down in the back seat. I got to the house and picked her up in a cradle again and rang the doorbell. The guys all ran to the door and it swung open. Liam stood in front of the group with a relived look on his face. "Where were yo-" "At our place and we fell asleep. Em fell asleep again on the way here. I got to meet El somewhere so Niall, take Emily and I have to run." I interrupted Zayn. I handed Niall Emily and ran out the door. I wonder why Eleanor wants to see me.

                                                                  Emily's POV:

                 I woke up in the car and saw Lou driving. He pulled up to the house so I pretended to be asleep. He carried me in a cradle and stopped at the door.  "Where were yo-" "At our place and we fell asleep. Em fell asleep again on the way here. I got to meet El somewhere so Niall, take Emily and I have to run." Louis interrupted Zayn.  Niall took me from Louis and shut the door. "Em?" he asked. "Yeah babe?" I responded. "I have to tell you something." He said. With that, he brought me upstairs to our room. "Em, when I went to the pub last night, I met this girl named Jessica... and we kind of did it," he explained. Tears slipped out of my eyes. "Wait, Jessica Meyer?" I asked. "Yeah, how did you know?" "She goes to my school. She bullies me." I answered. "Emily, I'm sorr-" "No, Niall. It's not going to work. We are threw." "Emily I'm sorry!! Please forgive me!" he pleaded. I was walking out of the room but he grabbed my arm. I looked back and said, "No." and jerked my arm away from him. I was crying so much by now and I just wanted to go to the Carrot Kingdom. I need Lou right now. I ran downstairs and out the door. "EM!" Faith called. I just continued to run until I came to a park. 

                                                              Lou's POV:

         I made it to Dunkin Donuts and El was already there. "Hey El," I said aproaching the table. "Hi Louis. I have to tell you something." What is it babe?" I asked. ""I think we should break up. I just don't feel the same way about you that I used to. I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends." she said. A tear fell from my eye but I quickly wiped it away. "Ok, if thats the way you feel." I told her."Friends?" she asks. "Friends." I confirm. I walk out of Dunkin Donuts and go into my car. I'm kind of happy that Eleanor just broke up with me, don't get me wrong, I'm upset too, but I think she know that I have feelings for Emily. ring ring! My phone rings and it's Emily calling. "Hey." I answer. "Louis?" She asks, sounding like she was crying, "What's the matter babe?" I ask her worriedly. "Just come to the park by our house. Hurry please." She pleads. "Of course. Be right there." I say hanging up. 

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