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Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


43. Cutting Makes It All Better

Emily's POV:

          Niall slammed the bathroom door  behind him. He said cutting made you feel better. So, I got up and walked over to the sink, and grabbed a razor. I sat down on the tub and slid the razor across my skin. It hurt, but not as much as the drama. It made me feel good. I did a couple more slits and then I went to my wrist and glared at it for a minute. Then, I placed the razor on my wrist and slid it across. It bled alot so I went to the sink and ran water over it. "Emily! Are you ok?" It was Faith. "Yeah! Hold on!" I put on my sweat shirt and walked out of the door. I felt something dripping from my hand, and it was blood. "Oh my God Emily," She started, but then she realized I did it myself. She pulled me into the bathroom and shut the door. "Shit Emily! What the hell are you doing!?" "Niall does it too, he said it makes him feel better, and it makes me feel better too." I explained. "I'm telling Lou. Loui-" I stopped her by covering her mouth. "Please don't, I'll stop." I pleaded. "You promise?" She asks. "Promise." I confirmed. Of course, I lied. 

                                                                    Faith's POV:

          I can't believe Emily is cutting herself. I mean, she's been through so much but I never thought she would do this."Em, I love you, but you really got to stop." "Ok, I promise." She said, but I could tell she was lying. God, I'm really gonna have to tell Lou. We went back to the boys and soon it was 8:00 pm. "I'm gonna go take a shower." Emily says getting up. Perfect time to tell Louis. "Louis, can I talk to you?" I ask. "Yeah." He says getting up and walking into the kitchen. I follow him. I really hope he's prepared to hear what he is going to be told...

                                                                  Louis's POV:

             I wait for what Faith is going to tell me. She looks really worried. I never have seen her like this. "Lou, you know Emily?" She asks. "Well yeah, she's my girlfriend." I say jokingly. "Lou, this isn't funny," Wow, shit just got real. "She's cutting herself." A tear slipped out of my eye. "What? Why?" I asked crying.   What Emily told me was that Niall cuts himself and she found out and he told her it takes away the pain and it makes her feel good."I need to talk to her." Suddenly, the water shuts off. It takes her a couple minutes  but she comes down with her hair in a bun and one of my tee shirts and shorts. "Emily, I need to talk to you," I said pulling her into the kitchen. "Whats up babe?" She asks. "Why are you cutting yourself?" I ask starting to cry. "Emily, why?" I asked getting kind of mad. She starts to cry. "Because I hate myself! I'm fat and ugly and a piece of worthless shi-" I cut her off by placing my lips on hers. She kissed with me and I pulled away and put my forehead on hers. "You're non of those things, and when ever you want to cut yourself kiss me." I whispered softly to her. She nodded yes and we went out to go see the boys. 

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