Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


40. Car Crash

                                                               Emily's POV:

            I woke up and Lou was still sleeping on only his boxers next to me. I got up and put on Louis's stripped shirt, red jeans, and suspenders. I went downstairs. There was a note on the table from Harry and Faith. It read,"Hey guys! Faith and I ran out for some "alone time." See you in a bit! Love, Harry :)xx"  Wonder what their doing, cough cough. Notice the sarcasm. Prey came down while I was making tea. "Morning." I sqeeked. "Morning. Can I ask you a question?" She asked. "Yeah, sure." I responded. "What kind of noises were those last night? I mean I know you were doing it but you didn't have to sound like a dying whale." She asked. We both laughed and I blushed. "So guess what." She said. "What? I asked. "Me and Liam are dating now and he kissed me last night!!" She exclaimed. "OH MY GOD THATS AWESOME !!" I yelled. "SHHH!!!! YOUR GONNA WAKE UP THE WHOLE NEIGHBOR HOOD!" She whisper screamed. "Sorry!: I whispered. Damn that load mouth I have! Louis came down wearing sweatpants and no shirt. "Loving the shirt!" I say, even though I didn't want to." He giggled and blushed. He came up to me and we interlocked out hands. Our foreheads touched and he said," My clothes on you look HOT!" He emphasized the hot. We kissed and in the middle of the kiss,he took my tea! Of course he did, his two favorite things in this world are carrots and tea! Speaking of carrots, I really want one. I went over to the fridge and got a bag of carrots. I sat down on the couch and put on "Full House." Lou jumped on to the couch and he said, "I'm just like Joey, see, I love spinach!" He did the last part in a Popeye impression. I laughed and fed him a carrot. "Best. Things. In. The. World!" He said in between bites. "Except for you of course," He said kissing me. Suddenly, Niall walked in the room and said, "EW! If I see you two kiss again, I'm gonna puke. GET A ROOM!" in a very snotty manner. "Fine! We will. Come on Em, lets have a party in our room!" He said with a wink and picked me up so my legs wrapped around him. "Kiss me," He whispered in my ear. I did and I ran my hand threw his hair as we kissed. He brought me up to the room and locked the door. 

                                                                       Niall's POV:

            When I walked into the living room, I saw Emily and Louis kissing. Jealousy rode up inside of me and I just screamed at them. I didn't really want them to get a room, I love her and I want to be be in the room with her, not Lou.

                                                                Prey's POV:

            I was watching TV when I heard a familiar voice. "Hey beautiful," He said kissing me. "Ello Love." I said trying to do a British accent, I'm American. "God, I love you're American accent, don't change it." He said. I laughed and blushed. This was going to be a good day...

                                                                  Harry's POV:

             I was taking Faith to this fancy- smachy diner and she kept asking, "Where are we going!?!?" "You'll see," Id'e always answer. We came to a stop light and I was hold Faith's hand. We were right next to this hill that led into the woods. I was looking down there when the was a sudden CRASH sound and screaming. I realized that screaming came from me and Faith and my car was rolling down a hill, the one that led into the woods. The car stopped rolling and it landed upside down. The last thing I remember was blood and glass everywhere, and Faith's eyes shut and bloody. Then, I blacked out. 

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