Every Thing About US

Emily has just ran away from home, she hated being abused by her father, and now that her mother died, it was even worse. she ends up meeting these five wonderful guys. who will fall for her and who will she fall for?


30. A Months Passing,

                                                             Emily's POV:

       Well, I've been out in a coma for 2 months now.... Harry never talked to me- I guess he forget all about it when he woke up. Faith and Harry are in a very good relationship, I wouldn't be surprised if they got married! Eleanor and Louis are going strong, as well as Perrie and Zayn. Liam and Dani broke up, she broke up with him, but if its whats she wants, you can't be mad at her. Remember my other best friend, Ashley? Well, she's dating Josh and she really loves him! When ever she comes in here, she always talks about him. As for Niall, he's too depressed to leave this room. I miss him so much. Everything about him. The warmth of his touch, his soft lips, his tight, but cuddly, hug. Suddenly, the doctor came in. "Mr. Horan?" He asks. "Yes?" Niall responds, standing up out of his chair. "I'm sorry, but we don't think shes going to wake up, it will be heaven on Earth if she does. She has an extreme case of brain damage and if she ever does wake up, we will have to keep her with us for a long while," the doctor explained. Niall slumps down in his chair and runs his hands threw his blond hair and tears start swelling up in his eyes. The doctor walks out, and they guys and their girlfriends run in. Here in the room are my best friend in whole entire world- Louis Tomlinson, my two other best friends since childhood- Faith Praml and Ashley Bowden, my brother and ex- Harry Styles, my dad- Liam Payne, friend- Zayn Malik, boyfriend- Niall Horan, best friends in the girl friend club- Eleanor Calder, and Perrie Edwards, my other best friend who is an ex-girl friends club member- Danielle Peazer, the drummer- Josh Devine, and the girl in a coma, me. "What happened!?" they all asked/exclaimed in unison. Niall explained to them what happened and Louis ran out of the room crying. Faith knelt down on the ground, crying, and Ashely bent down next to her, rubbing her back, also crying. Harry's face went into Liam's chest while Liam's face was all red and covered in tears. Eleanor, Perrie, and Dani were all wrapping their arms around each other in a circle, crying. Josh was hugging Niall and crying, while Zayn had his face against the wall sulking as if he just got yelled at in class and was sent to the corner. Louis walked back in and started hugging my lifeless body. His eyes were burning with read flames and tears fell on me, making my tee shirt damp. Harry's face suddenly popped out of Liam's chest and said, "Oh my God! I can't believe I forgot!" "What?" they all asked in unison again. "Well when Emily and I were both in a coma, we could walk around and hear everything and talk to each other and follow everyone around. I'm really sorry I forgot to talk to you Emily!" Harry apologized. "Apology accepted!" I said to Harry, even though I know that I'm talking to myself! "I have an idea, how about we each have a time to come in here by ourselves and talk to her alone?" Louis suggested. "Great idea!" Niall said. "I'll go first," Louis said shewing everyone out of the room. This is going to be fun.....

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