Jade Elthering woke up alone and tortured. At the age of 6, she was at the mercy of a killer. Some how she escapes and manages resume a normal life for eleven years thanks to her loving foster family. But when her kidnapper returns for her, life gets turned upside down. Transported back to her previous life, Jade must resume her true identity if she is to save her friends and family. But will she have the courage to face down her stalker?


7. The Devil of the Hollow


When I look over my first few weeks in Devil’s Hollow, I think of a lot of good memories. Carlie and Gabriella, who were 14 year old twins, became good friends of mine, they were fun loving and adventurous. But when it came to actually facing their fears they were as cowardly as chickens. When I explained the concept of sky diving to them they were terrified. Both of the girls were terrified of heights. They moved as a single piece, Gabriella hardly ever spoke though. But when you got Carlie going, she was hard to stop. Renee sulked a lot. She just wanted to go home and back to her old life, but Rosita and Samlett refused to let her upset the Gap even more. The Gap turned out to be a parallel world travel thing. It existed to balance out the two worlds. Our trip through it had unsettled it, and to use it again would probably sever the connection completely. Blaze was helpful, he was a really sweet guy but very shy and he usually kept clear of me whenever Renee was around. She had taken to flirting shamelessly with him and he didn’t know how to react. Blaze and taught me how to ride bareback, use a sword, and also how to dance. That took along time but he was a very patient teacher. I taught him about our worlds histories, which he found fascinating. He absolutely loathed Adolf Hitler, and found Greek mythology interesting, but didn’t believe a word of it. He said that his God was of the Christian faith I found that interesting to have beliefs in Jesus on both sides of the Gap. Rosita and Samlett were both very hospitable, and we spent an hour everyday trying to reboot my lost memories. They allowed me and Renee to have a room at their Inn free of charge. They were concerned about my parents.

                ‘Greyan must have captured them, or they ran away concerned for your safety. As long as they were around you were in danger.’ said Samlett in an angry tone.

‘Who is Greyan? And why is he so dangerous?’ I asked, fury brewing inside of me. I was annoyed at this man, who did he think he was? Ruining my family and any hopes of a normal future? Rosita noticed my anger and looked concerned.

‘Jade, you can’t go looking for him okay? If I tell you who he is and what he does, you have to promise me that you WONT go looking for him. Promise?’

I deliberated for a moment, bit my lip, and then growled ‘Fine. Tell me about him.’

‘Greyan is a murderer. He is the foulest living creature that our world knows of. Generally our people live in peace. No terrible murderers, human sacrifices or gangs. Except for Greyan. He is the one threat to us. His eating patterns aren’t normal. You would call him a cannibal. Exactly three times a year he robs the houses of Devil’s Hollow of their youngest child. He survives on young blood. One year he tried to take your brother, before you were born. Your parents fought against him and won, but only injured Greyan. Since then he has been thirsting for your parents next born child, as your brother Jacaiah is now 19.’ explained Rosita in a hushed voice, as if she was scared that he was in the very room listening to her words.

I listened in horror as her words sunk in, and suddenly my mind was overwhelmed with questions. Where is Jacaiah? Do I have any other siblings? Where is Greyan now? Rosita was watching my face for reactions. I realized with a shock that if I had no other siblings the next child in line would most definitely be me. I kept my face composed, struggling to keep my emotions from showing on my face.

‘Well we must find my parents then.’ I said. My voice came out angry -it was harder to control than my facials- which contrasted interestingly with my calm features. I was trying not to alarm Rosita with my realization. She only knew of my life before the accident. She had no knowledge of my parents from after it. She must think that they had another child once they were safely away from Greyan. Fury exploded in me again. How dare Greyan? Red hot burning rage swept through my body. I was beyond angry. It took most of my concentration to remember that I must not worry the others.

‘I’m going to my room. I’ll be back down soon.’ I said, and rose fluidly out of my chair, and rushed to the stairs; where I tripped and swore angrily.


I sat on my bed and let some tears escape; they left wet trails on cheek which I wiped away furiously. So some sadistic cannibal stole my memories, parents, family, and me. Where were my parents now? Is Jacaiah okay? I wondered absently if he was still located somewhere in Devil’s Hollow. I looked at the room around me. I longed for the comfort of home, and the loving protecting arms of Tanya. How was Renee going to get home? She couldn’t stay. It would be cruel, she needed her mother. I would have to speak to Rosita about sending her home. I sighed and wished that I could go home with her. But I knew I couldn’t. I had to stay and help find some lost memory of a mother. I tried to make sense of this whole trip. I was sure that I had travelled back in time, and that I had magically travelled two and a half thousand miles across the country from California to Lake Erie. I needed Mr. Whitefair; I bet he was around here somewhere. I tried calling him hopelessly, knowing it was a waste of effort.

‘Mr. Whitefair, I need you.’ I called dully.

‘Parallel World?’ I whispered, as another tear dribbled down my face. A sudden flash of light startled me and I got my hopes up again, looking around for Mr. Whitefair. It was just lightning I realized disappointedly. At that point a low rumble of thunder was heard and Blaze walked through the door. He sat next to me. ‘Jade? Are you okay? I just thought you might like some company… But if you’d rather I left I can go?’ he said cautiously. I smiled at him,

‘Please stay Blaze. I need some help.’ I admitted. He laughed.

‘Of course you do, you’re in a completely different world, with a bunch of strangers who all claim to know you and are scaring you with stories about a murderous cannibal who wants to eat you. I can help you Jade, we can set out to find your parents tomorrow if this storm is blown over. I’ll gear up the horses and ask Rosita and Samlett to prepare some food. We can ride to my aunt Lucy, if anyone knows anything about your parent’s whereabouts it’ll be her.’ said Blaze, his facials light and happy. He instantly cheered me up with his positive outlook despite the horrors of my past which we were going to dreg up and look through. I laughed.

‘Sounds like a plan! But how far away is your aunt?’ I asked.

‘Oh only a day or two ride. We should be fine.’ he responded and brushed his lips lightly across my hair.

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