Jade Elthering woke up alone and tortured. At the age of 6, she was at the mercy of a killer. Some how she escapes and manages resume a normal life for eleven years thanks to her loving foster family. But when her kidnapper returns for her, life gets turned upside down. Transported back to her previous life, Jade must resume her true identity if she is to save her friends and family. But will she have the courage to face down her stalker?


3. My Life, So Far Anyway


Tanya Jones adopted me when I was 9. I was in an accident of some kind, in which my parents disappeared. When I was found, I told the policeman that my name was Jade Elthering and I was 9. They searched through social files trying to find some connection between me and the Eltherings that were living in California. There were no records of my birth, my parents, or my life at all before the accident.

I just simply turned up, lost, injured and alone.

I lost my memories of family and any other friends and experiences I may have had. The police found me chained and gagged on a metal table behind some construction site. I had been tortured to an inhumane extent, and my injuries were horrific enough, that if the person behind it were caught it would’ve had a life sentence. My first memory in my life was the unbearable torture, and then Tanya.

I don’t consider her my mother, but I consider her my mom and yes, there is a difference. Tanya is a big bouncy loving woman; she took me in with my mysterious past, and all without a second thought. If someone needs help then Tanya is there. Renee is Tanya’s daughter; they look alike, same features etc. But Tanya is noticeably rounder more cheerful whereas Renee is leaner, and more harsh. We look like an odd family, two tanned short blue eyed blondes, and then the tall, pale, brunette with the startling emerald eyes. We have a happy life, Tanya doesn’t show any preferences for her own daughter and everyone is treated as equals. But even so, we are definitely different personalities. The Johnson’s have that outgoing blonde bubbly popular nature. Both Tanya and Renee have been/are winning cheerleaders, volleyball players and self-confessed popular kids. I, on the other hand, prefer to be away from crowds. If I stand still I can look graceful, but when I walk I have about the same amount of grace as an overweight elephant-clumsy and awkward. I love reading and I’m terrible at sports. I love being underwater and I’m rarely seen without my iPod. At school I have a group of friends who are nice enough, but again most of us have completely different personalities. We’re not the so called ‘Populars’ but we’re not the so called ‘Geeks’ either. We just are. And that’s the way we like it. My best friend, Talia, isn’t a social climber either so thank God for that. Talia has soft caramel coloured wavy hair, which suits her sweet personality perfectly. She’s adorable, and endlessly caring. She would sit on the phone for hours listening to you pour your heart out, mmmm-ing and ahhhhh-ing just at the right places. And there’s definitely no way she would ever let you down. Every Saturday we would head down to the beach, buy a chocolate Paddle Pop™ each and then go to the DVD store and hire out all the latest horror movies. The Saw movies were our favourites.


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