Jade Elthering woke up alone and tortured. At the age of 6, she was at the mercy of a killer. Some how she escapes and manages resume a normal life for eleven years thanks to her loving foster family. But when her kidnapper returns for her, life gets turned upside down. Transported back to her previous life, Jade must resume her true identity if she is to save her friends and family. But will she have the courage to face down her stalker?


2. Eleven Years Later



‘Renee? You up?’ I called softly as I knocked gently on the pale wooden door.

There was a loud thud from the other side and an incoherent grumble, which I took to mean that Renee had fallen out of bed yet again. I opened the door to the dark messy room of Renee Johnson. 17 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes & fake tanned skin. She was one of those pretty girls, the kind that makes everyone in the same room take a hit on their self esteem whenever she just looks to you. Except for of course in the mornings, where Renee Jones is at her most vulnerable state.

‘Renee, Tanya’s making waffles. I know you like them but I’m sure if you’d rather lie around in bed all day then Danny can have your share...’ I trailed off with a shrug.

I waited by the door for my words to have effect. Renee’s look of horror was simply comical as she understood what I was saying. In a flash she was up putting her dressing gown on. She stumbled around her room, looking for what I assumed was her slippers, gave up after 10 seconds then came and stood next to me. She looked sleepy.

‘Danny doesn’t eat waffles.’ she countered then pushed past me and stomped towards the kitchen. I chuckled quietly to myself. Danny, our shiatsu dog was forever eating our leftover foods. That dog was better then any vacuum cleaner! I followed Renee out to the kitchen. I caught sight of myself in the hallway mirror. I had clear pale skin that looked even paler next to my long curly dark hair was tangled all around my face, and waving furiously to the middle of my back. My green eyes startled me as always, glowing in an odd way, and looking thoughtful, as if they knew something I didn’t. A low grumble escaped my stomach. I was grateful that Tanya was such a great cook, her homemade famous waffles were simply mouth watering. I walked into the bright open kitchen.

‘Morning,’ I mumbled. ‘Has Danny been fed?’

‘Not yet,’ smiled Tanya. ‘Have some breakfast first love, you’re getting thinner. Danny’s getting fatter by the day!’ she laughed. It was a sweet sound, and the criticism was entirely weightless.

I settled into the chair and grabbed a waffle. Tanya sat down too, and started reading the newspaper; Renee sauntered out of the kitchen to presumably spend an hour on her hair alone, and I sighed happily. Another typical morning at Tanya’s


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