Unexpected Love

blurb: Claire Malik has had a hard life. she has had depression for the last 2 years. but the help of her older Brother Zayn she is quite a normal girl untill Zayn goes on tour.......


1. The Announcement

Crying, ,coz thats all I can do. Waitng for my brother hours upon hours untill my brother Zayn comes back home. He has such a great life and I cant even go to school without getting bullyed. my life is difficult. Without Zayn, I wouldnt be here.

I hear the front door close.I dont have any energy to move. Starving myself was an option for me. Zayn came into my room quiety. He hates me looking like this, but he knows i cant help it and he cant do anything about it but to support me.

Zayn sits down beside me on my bed. He tries to calm me down. "Claire everything is fine im back now." Zayn wispered to me. I curled into a ball. Zayn cuddled me. It made me feel so surcure around him.

After I calmed down a little, Zayn and I walked into the kitchen. On the bench i saw Nandos (obviously for dinner) and a letter adressed to Zayn. Zayn quickly grabbed the letter and put in the back pocket of his pants. I didnt want to know what was in the letter, 'coz i knew it wasnt good news and i dont have any more room for dissapointment.

We ate our Nandos in silence. I could see something was on Zayns mind, but he didnt say anything. I started to think it was about the letter. "I need to tell you something" Zayn said neally a wisper. I was starting to have doubts. "Im going on tour, my first performance with the boys is next week". My heart sunk. I started to yell, but yet didnt know what I ment or said......


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