Unexpected Love

blurb: Claire Malik has had a hard life. she has had depression for the last 2 years. but the help of her older Brother Zayn she is quite a normal girl untill Zayn goes on tour.......


4. Talk

I opened my eyes. I was in a room that had no colour it was just white. I could see Zayn outside of the room talking to someone one the phone. A lady walked in. "Hi, Im nurse Sally."  Just then I realied I was in a hospital. When Zayn got off the phone he came back inside and and said to the nurse he will take it form here. I didnt know what he ment but couldnt be important to me. When the nurse walked out of the room I asked Zayn "Why am I here?". He retold what had happend the past day or two. "You were unconcious for quite a while." Zayn said.  "You colapised because of dehydration".  I felt fine now. It just hurt when I moved my leg coz a ran pretty far. "Its time to take you back home runaway girl" Zayn laughed. I dont feel it that was ment to be amusing, to me anyway..

In the car both of us didnt say anything. I was going to ask him how was on the phone and does it have to do with me, but I didnt want to be nosy. Zayn finally said something. "why did you run away?" I didnt really know. I had to get away and running was the only option. 

When Zayn and I got home, I was heading toward my room when I heard Zayn say "We need to talk". I didnt want to but I didnt want to argue. We sat down at the table and I was getting prepared for what ever was goona get thrown at me. "At the hospital I was on the phone to management and I asked if I could take you, I cant trust you to be alone. What Im trying to say is that your coming with me on my tour with the guys." Zayn said to me. I was shocked to hear that. I was speechless. "Looks like I have no choice" I replyed. I dont like to travel so I want something good to come out of it. I walked to my room........


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