Unexpected Love

blurb: Claire Malik has had a hard life. she has had depression for the last 2 years. but the help of her older Brother Zayn she is quite a normal girl untill Zayn goes on tour.......


5. Plane Journey

It was the day we were going to leave. Zayn and I met the other boys at the airport. Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall were really happy to see me and they didnt mind me that I was going on tour with them.

When we got on the plane, Zayn fell asleep neally straight away. I guess he needed it. I was starting to dose off when I heard someone say "would you like anything to eat Claire?". I opened 1 eye just to check my surroundings. Right in front of my face was Niall, checking that I was awake. "oh, didnt mean to wake you but here,I got you an salad wrap". I giggled a bit. It was the first time I had laughed in months. Niall laughed with me. His laugh was so perfect. "Thanks Niall, you didnt have to." I replyed to his offer. As I took the wrap from Niall, I looked behind him and I see Liam grining from ear to ear at me. I smiled back politely.

I was about half way through my wrap, and Harry asked me " What are those scars on your wrist from?". I turned over my left hand and see all my cutting scars from last week. I put my hand in my pocket, "nothing... important" I said. Harry didnt like my answer, he knew what they were there from. I saw Louis give Harry a dirty look. I lost my appetite and put the last bit of my wrap down on the table.

I got my Ipod out and I put it on shuffle. I put my earphones, close my eyes and,let the world disappear.Something wasnt right. I could feel like someone was staring at me. I ignored it knowing it's just nerves.

About 2 hours later, somthing tapped my shoulder.I opened my eyes and took out my earphones. It was Zayn. "be pepared to land soon". I put my Ipod in my bag and waited for the seatbelt sign to light up. The boys were having their own covsations. Niall came over to me and sat in the empty seat next to me. "Have you enjoyed the flight?". Niall asked. "Its no different to a normal day except you're in the air". I replyed. Niall giggled. The convosation continued from there. Niall is really easy to talk to, and is conforting.

The seat belt light came on, surprisingly Niall didnt move back to his original seat. He stayed in the seat next to me. I felt the plane drop. I closed my eyes tight.I felt Niall's finger tinertwine with mine.As he does my eyes flash open,and I feel heat in my cheeks. Niall was so conforting.

Niall P.O.V

Claire's eyes open as I hold her hand. She starts to blush and politly smiles at me, even though she is scared about landing. Claire locked her finger within mine. In the couner of my eye I could see Harry was jealous and Zayn gave me the death stare. There waas something about Claire I loved. She is unquie!

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