Unexpected Love

blurb: Claire Malik has had a hard life. she has had depression for the last 2 years. but the help of her older Brother Zayn she is quite a normal girl untill Zayn goes on tour.......


2. Its Time.

I could see a tear coming to my brother's eye. Life has been hard in my family. Ever since mum and dad died  in the car accident 2 years ago,everything has been such a challange. I ran off crying to my room.

I sat on my bed crying my heart out. Things arn't turning out right. I could here Zayn starting to walk to my room. I closed my eyes has tight as I could and tried to sleep.


When I woke up from the most uncomfortable sleep I walk out to the kitchen. There was no sight of Zayn in the house. It was quiet, just to quiet for me. I know Zayn hates me for what I said last night so I think its time for something I have to do. Zayns not going to like it but I dont care....

Its time to run away for home </3.


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