I don't know..

Just a tiny poem that came to me during english, and yes. I am kinda geeky for writing it in class x)


1. I don't know...

So tell me, tell me everything.
Everything about you. About what you like, what you want.
Your likes and dislikes, your fears.
I promise I will listen.

You’re afraid of spiders? No? Well it’s okay if you are.
Even if I am not, I promise I will understand.
What about mice, wasps or maybe worms? No again? Well, then you are strong.
‘Cause even if we are not afraid, I will still hug you.

When you are hurt, scared, frightened even.
I promise I will not shy away, not shy away from the tears or the shakes.
Cause even if it scares me, I will always put you first, care about you first.
I won’t even forgive myself if you cry.

Cause even though I am scared, scared of the dark, the unknown, love and my self,
I won’t show it. Not ever.
I will try to think of a way to hide it, to hide the tears I know will come.
Does that make me stronger?

Does it really? Like, make me stronger?
Or does it make me a fool?
A fool for not sharing my thoughts and fears, not showing the tears?
I don’t know.. I don’t think I ever will…
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